Chapter 263 - Infidelity

Chapter 263 - Infidelity

Hexi drowsily opened her eyes as she felt the breeze caress her cheeks and tease her hair.

As she went to move her hands and feet, she instead felt her body being restrained by something. When it sensed that she wanted to struggle, whatever was confining her seemed to tighten.

Looking up, Hexi saw Nangong Yu’s pale and handsome, yet cold complexion enter her sight.

She was so shocked that she started struggling harder to free herself. However, Nangong Yu’s hands were restraining her and he tightened his arms around her body.

“Nangong Yu, let me go!”

“Dream on!” Nangong Yu replied coldly. “I said it before, but in this lifetime only you can be my princess, and only you can be my woman! If you dare to get close to other men, then I’ll kill all the men around you!”

Hexi was annoyed and grit her teeth as she retorted, “Who’s your woman?! Wasn’t your woman your beloved Little Sister Lian Ying! Since you like to imprison people, you can just go back and lock her up to prevent her from randomly disturbing people!”

Nangong Yu lowered his eyes as he looked at Hexi. His expression was like condensed frost as he said in a somewhat helpless tone of voice, “When have I ever said that Feng Lian Ying is my woman? In this lifetime, I’ve never even touched a woman’s hand! The only woman who I’ve ever been intimate with and touched is you, Xi’er…”

“Who’d believe you!” Hexi suddenly started moving her spiritual power about, intending to struggle free from Nangong Yu’s embrace.

But when she fell to the ground, she was surprised. She was actually able to free herself so easily from Nangong Yu?

As Hexi was confused, she started examining her surroundings and became surprised when she discovered that she was now in what appeared to be a valley. Surrounded by tall and sturdy sheer cliffs, the peaks couldn’t even be seen due to being blocked by the clouds.

“Where is could we come to this place? Where’re the other people?” Hexi glared at Nangong Yu as she asked him.

Nangong Yu faintly replied, “Because of you cheating and being intimate with another man, it made my spiritual power arise and become unstable. It seems to have accidentally triggered a restriction in the secret territory, so we were both sent to this place. I also don’t really know where we currently are.”

“Who’re you saying cheated!?” Hexi angrily said. “I’m a doctor! My work is to help and treat people! Cheating your head!”

The chilliness within Nangong Yu’s eyes melted a little as he revealed a hint of delight, but in the blink of an eye it disappeared, changing into a look of confusion and grief. “But for him you stabbed me with a sword! In your heart, isn’t he more important than me?!”

Hexi raised her eyebrows, her gaze couldn’t help but land on Nangong Yu’s body.

The always powerful and callous Hell King, was at this moment wearing clothes filled with bloodstains. His handsome face was pale without a trace of colour, while his arched and elegant thin lips were slightly pursed; displaying his frustration and hesitancy.

So she reflexively said, “I don’t like owing others, and I didn’t want to owe him and shopkeeper Zhou a favour. If you had killed him and he died because of me, I would’ve owed them! Who knew that even though your cultivation base is so high, you unexpectedly couldn’t dodge that sword!”

Having heard that, Nangong Yu’s eyes lit up with a bright light, and the lost look on his face disappeared without a single trace. “So, for Xi’er, that Gu Liufeng is just a stranger you don’t want to owe a debt to?”

Hexi sneered as she said, “He naturally means less than His Highness Hell King and Ice Lotus Fairy’s intimate relationship.”

Nangong Yu revealed a helpless look. “Xi’er, how many times do you want me to say it? I…”

He hadn’t yet finished speaking when his face suddenly changed, and he reached out his hand to pull Hexi back into his arms.

Before Hexi could react, she felt a formidable and fierce energy rise behind her back.

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