Chapter 261 - Why Didn’t You Dodge?!

Chapter 261 - Why Didn’t You Dodge?!

Nangong Yu looked at her in a daze, as if he had lost his soul.

Suddenly, his throat lightly vibrated as he started to quietly laugh. Yet no matter how you listened to this laughter, it seemed to be oppressive; like the warning to an approaching hurricane. “Xi’er, is that what you think? You think the reason I wanted to approach you was to kill you in order to avenge her? In your heart, you’ve never believed in me, have you? Everything that I’ve done for you, was it all just meaningless to you?”

“Xi’er, is your heart made of stone?”

Hexi’s face turned pale, as it felt like a hand had suddenly grabbed her heart and squeezed it.

Her reason told her to never again believe Nangong Yu; to never again open her heart.

However, the Nangong Yu before her eyes currently had an expression filled with depression and despair, like he was being abandoned by the world.

Yet just at this moment, her ears abruptly heard Nangong Yu’s dark and hoarse voice, “Or, do you really care about this man? Care about him so much that you wouldn’t hesitate to be hostile towards me?”

“If that’s so, then he must die!”

After he spoke a dark thunderstorm condensed in his left hand, before he then fiercely threw it towards Gu Liufeng’s dantian.

Hexi’s expression abruptly changed while she seemed to hear a loud bang in her mind. With her body instinctively moving as fast as a shadow, she savagely thrust the ice sword in her hand in front of her.

A squelch could be heard as the edge of the sword was thrust into a body. Apparently it was only a quiet sound, but to Hexi it was like a clap of thunder echoing in her ears.

Hexi was so frightened she immediately released the sword in her hand, and she stared straight at the bright red stain spreading across her vision. Her always calm and collected face revealed a horrified expression for the first time.

More than half of the sword made from ice was now piercing the left side of Nangong Yu’s chest. When Hexi released her hand, the sword was lacking the support of her spiritual power and slowly turned into liquid, mixing with the blood as it dripped down.

Hexi felt her throat dry up. The voice that forced itself out of her mouth was hoarse and strained as she asked, “You...why didn’t you dodge?”

Nangong Yu slowly released his grip on Gu Liufeng’s throat as his eyes unwaveringly looked at Hexi.

The weather in the secret territory was as warm as spring, but at this moment, the surrounding vegetation began to rapidly wither and the air filled with a terribly cold atmosphere.

The eyes of everyone present were filled with fear and shock. Those with low cultivation bases were even trembling in fear.

Hexi suddenly took a step forward, shaking as she asked, “How’s your wound?…”

Looking at the position of the wound it shouldn’t be near the heart, but there was an extreme amount of blood indicating that the injury was near an artery. Even for a martial artist this wasn’t a minor injury.

Nangong Yu, he...why didn’t he dodge?

However, Hexi had just stepped forward, when a sudden force fiercely knocked her aside.

She staggered twice and almost fell.

Her ears then heard Feng Lian Ying’s distressed cries, “Brother Yu, are you okay? So much blood keeps could this happen?!”

As she said that she glared tearfully at Hexi, then bitterly shouted, “Young Master Xi, how could you harm him?! Brother Yu has always been kind to you! You... you actually injured him for a stranger...even if you have a shameful relationship with Gu Liufeng, doing this was too much!”

After saying this, she then turned and look at Nangong Yu’s wound. As she watched the bright red blood pouring from the wound, translucent tears slowly trickled down her cheeks. “Brother Yu, don’t worry, I have the best medicine for your wound in my possession; it will certainly heal you. Such a cruel, wicked, and ungrateful person, we definitely won’t be having any encounters with him in the future!”

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