Chapter 260 - Stay Your Hand

Chapter 260 - Stay Your Hand

Although Gu Liufeng said that he had a way to escape, as long as Nangong Yu pursued them, in the end she would still be involving them.

This being the case, then it was better that she settled it alone with Nangong Yu.

Anyway, even if he really did want to kill her for his beloved Little Sister Lian Ying, it was only killing one person, that’s all!

Gu Liufeng revealed a reckless and uninhibited smile on his face as he spoke in a clear voice, “How could it have nothing to do with us? Today, since I see you as pleasing to the eye, I’m regarding you as my, Gu Liufeng’s friend. Since we’re friends, your matters are naturally my matters too. How could I abandon you here alone?”

After saying that, he stepped forward a step to block Hexi from view, then said to Nangong Yu in a gravelly voice, “Dignified Hell King, do you really want to place your hands on a weak teenager whose strength is so much lower than yours? If this news was to spread, aren’t you afraid that you’ll become a joke of the whole world?”

Nangong Yu’s gaze fell on Gu Liufeng. His cold, tyrannical gaze made Gu Liufeng’s back tense in a split second.

“You think you can stop me?”

Upon saying that, Nangong Yu raised his right hand. This caused an invisible force to sweep towards Gu Liufeng.

Gu Liufeng’s complexion changed, and he started working the spiritual power within his body to bring forth his weapon.

However, between the span of two breaths, his body and spiritual power seemed to be confined by something. There seemed to be a formidable energy encircling him, making him unable to use any spiritual powers.

The most frightening thing of all though, was that his body began to uncontrollably move forward, as if there were invisible hands controlling his body and quickly pulling him towards Nangong Yu.

The next moment, Nangong Yu’s palm suddenly clutched Gu Liufeng’s neck.

His look was extremely calm compared to a moment ago, but the storm contained within his eyes seemed to be able to destroy heaven and earth.

Drops of cold sweat seeped out from Gu Liufeng’s forehead. In this very moment, he was clearly aware that the man in front of him really wanted to destroy him.

“You--why are you near her?! Why are you standing in between Xi’er and I?! In this world, anyone who futilely tries to snatch her away from me will die!!”

Having heard that, Gu Liufeng was startled; shock appearing in his eyes.

What was the meaning behind His Highness Hell King’s words? Wasn’t he getting revenge for that black hearted white lotus?

The hand gripping his throat suddenly tightened, and Nangong Yu’s body exploded with a burst of formidable spiritual pressure and a murderous aura. It seemed that at any second Gu Liufeng would meet with a violent death.

“Don’t do it!! Young Master!!”

“Nangong Yu, stay your hand!”

Two voices echoed at the same time. Zhou Yan’an’s face was filled with fear and despair.

Almost without thinking, Hexi summoned an ice sword to her hand, and charged straight towards Nangong Yu and Gu Liufeng.

No matter what, she couldn’t involve Gu Liufeng and allow him to die for her in this secret territory.

She, Hexi, disliked most the feeling of owing someone else; let alone the price of a life.

The ice sword charged straight towards Nangong Yu, drawing dangerously close to his heart and chilling him to the bone.

Nangong Yu turned around to avoid the attack. With his eyes staring fixedly at her, his icy cold, gloomy voice, was filled with hoarse disbelief and heartache as he asked, “You actually…want to raise your hand and fight me...for another man?”

Hexi was engulfed by the swirling storm and pain within his eyes, causing her heart to become stifled as she saw this.

“Xi’er, tell me! Do you really want to attack me for another man?!!”

Hexi’s face paled, and the tense grip of her hand around the sword loosened. However, seeing an insidious smile on Feng Lian Ying nearby, as well as Gu Liufeng’s slightly swollen and purple complexion, her expression quickly became cold. “I said before didn’t I? Since Feng Lian Ying was injured by me, if you want revenge for her, then this has nothing to do with Gu Liufeng.”

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