Chapter 257 - Oscar Winner

Chapter 257 - Oscar Winner

Gu Liufeng was startled; he felt that Hell King’s attitude was very strange.

But before he could speak, Hexi pulled on his sleeve and stood in front of him. She then coldly said, “Move aside, this has nothing to do with you. The person they want to deal with is me, so you should take shopkeeper Zhou with you and leave now!”

Gu Liufeng ignored her and heedlessly walked up to stand by her side. “You don’t know this, but from the moment Feng Lian Ying and I fought, our fates became intertwined. That shameful woman is so petty, do you really think that she’ll let us off?”

Hexi’s brows wrinkled, and glancing at the faint spiritual power fluctuations of Zhou Yan’an next to them, her voice became gloomy, “Sorry, it’s because of me that the two of you have become involved.”

As Gu Liufeng tilted his head to look at the side of Hexi’s beautiful, snow white face, he could feel his heart softening. It was as if there was a warmth slowly building in his chest.

But before he could say something again, his expression suddenly changed. His hand that had initially moved to console Hexi was abruptly pulled back, and he staggered backwards several steps.

A sharp, sword-like energy fiercely struck his body and he fell to the ground. This made grass bits fly everywhere; some fluttering to land on Hexi’s hair and clothes.

Gu Liufeng lifted his gaze, only to meet with Nangong Yu’s dark and fearful glare. It was in these eyes that he saw a murderous rage, one that seemed as if Nangong Yu wanted to dismember him; crushing his bones and scattering their dust.

The next moment Nangong Yu changed his line of sight, looking from him to the point next to him. Glaring at the pale complexion of Hexi, he slowly extended his hand. “Xi’er, come here!”

Hexi coldly looked at him, the look on her face like condensed frost. “Go over there...what for? To allow you, Your Highness Hell King, to kill me and take revenge for your beloved Little Sister Lian Ying?”

The look on Nangong Yu’s face was beyond ugly, and he suddenly walked forwards a step before darkly saying, “Xi’er, in your heart…”

His words hadn’t yet finished, when Feng Lian Ying, who had previously been lying on the grounds acting like she was on her last breath, stood up. With Nie Jinchen’s support, she went to Nangong Yu’s side and grabbed his sleeve. “Brother Yu, don’t be like this. Young Master Xi didn’t purposely injure me, you mustn’t blame him.”

Hexi looked at the intimacy of the two people, and the coldness in her eyes became colder, little by little; like a thousand years old glacier.

Such a pure and kind-hearted white lotus! Look at that emotion in her eyes, that expression, and that tone. If this act had been seen in her past life, then Feng Lian Ying would definitely have been suitable to win an Oscar! In front of people she appeared pure, cold, and noble, but behind their backs she was malicious and fierce. And now, she had managed to change once more by becoming delicate and pitiful!

A man would unconditionally believe her and want to cherish her; wishing to hold her in their arms. Nangong Yu was also a man. With such a beauty throwing herself into his arms, how could his heart not be moved?

As she sneered at her own thoughts, Gu Liufeng suddenly leaned towards her and whispered in her ear, “Little Yue’er, do you know if there’s a problem with that fairy’s eyes? Obviously it was me who injured her, yet why is she implying that it was you who injured her? You’re only Foundation Establishment stage, while she’s Gold Core stage. By saying that it was you who injured her, isn’t she afraid of losing face?”

Little Yue’er? Where did that stupid nickname come from?

Hexi aimed a glare at him, then looked back at Feng Lian Ying and sneered, “You say that as if she wasn’t injured by me, and that she hadn’t hurt anyone before me!” So what if she was a Gold Core stage martial artist? She dared to provoke my people! Even if she herself wasn’t a match with Feng Lian Ying, the least she could do was make her pay a price of being skinned alive!

At this moment, Feng Lian Ying was wearing a white dress stained with specks of crimson blood, while her complexion was deathly pale. As the wind blew it caused her white dress to flutter, making her appear like a willow; all delicate and charming.

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