Chapter 256 - What Are You Doing?!

Chapter 256 - What Are You Doing?!

Before having known Xi Yue, that scoundrel, Brother Yu had never treated her like this! He had never regarded her as nothing!

If that bastard could disappear sooner, then that would be great!

With this thought, Feng Lian Ying creased her brows and uttered a pained moan. Grabbing onto Nie Jinchen’s sleeve, she said with a grief filled voice, “Senior Brother, all my life up until now, I’ve never suffered such a humiliation! Especially from that brat called Xi Yue, he...he’s a man and yet he actually wanted to seduce Brother Yu. He even wanted me to kneel and apologise to him...when I didn’t agree, they tried to kill me!”

“Who gave them dog guts!” When Nie Jinchen heard this, he felt fury boiling in his heart; a murderous intent that burned him up.

However before he could finished speaking, he felt a severe fluctuation of spiritual power mixing with a tremendous amount of fury rage through the secret territory.

In their ears came Nangong Yu’s demon-like voice, “What are you doing?!!”

Although Nangong Yu had seemingly been occupied by Feng Lian Ying’s dying drama, in his heart, he had only been thinking of Hexi.

After he had confirmed that Feng Lian Ying was merely exaggerating a minor injury just to get his sympathy, he immediately became fed up.

But, just as he turned around, he saw a scene that made him burn with jealousy.

The scene was of the naked upper body of a young man wearing a mask, which revealed a smooth torso, while a beautiful youngster bowed his head and stared attentively at the man’s body. The distance between the two was close, so close that their breaths were mingling. It was almost as if in the next moment they would intimately embrace each other.

Nangong Yu felt a fiery flame soar in his heart; burning it. This flame seemed to carry with it thistles and thorns, mutilating his heart.

On one hand he was angry, while on the other hand he felt the heartache and hatred of being betrayed and abandoned, making him want to tear up everything in sight.


The moment Nangong Yu had shouted, it just so happened that Hexi had been cleaning the energy within Gu Liufeng’s body; slowly pulling out the Silver Needle that was inserted in his lung meridian acupuncture point.

But abruptly she felt an immense amount of spiritual pressure in the atmosphere capable of crushing people.

After all, her cultivation base was only at Meridians stage. This, coupled with the injury she had received before, using up her spiritual power, and now a formidable spiritual pressure attack; all caused her complexion to pale in an instant.

The next moment a blazing shadow enveloped her, this tall figure blocking her without hesitation.

She heard Gu Liufeng’s concerned voice reach her ears, “My clothes are made from special ice silk; it can withstand most spiritual pressure and divine sense attacks. If you drape it over your shoulders you’ll feel much better.”

Hexi was startled as the crimson robes were wrapped around her. A slight trace of warmth and fragrance wafted from the clothes, making the uncomfortable feeling of a moment ago disappear in a flash.

While Gu Liufeng was now only wearing white inner clothing, his aura seemed leisurely and graceful as he nonetheless firmly protected her behind him.

Gu Liufeng faced Nangong Yu, the sound of laughter clear in his voice, “Your Highness Hell King, I’ve always respected you as a hero of Jin Ling Kingdom, but now you’re unable to distinguish the truth from lies and have listened a woman’s slander. I’m afraid that that isn’t very wise, right?”

How could Nangong Yu pay attention to what he had said, when his heart and eyes were only filled with the sight of this man and Hexi standing very close together. Furthermore, this man had even dared to draped his clothes over Hexi’s body!

His complexion was so glacial it seemed like water could be squeezed out of it, while his voice was like a demon’s from hell. “Immediately...Immediately get away from her! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!!”

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