Chapter 255 - Pull Out Your Tongue

Chapter 255 - Pull Out Your Tongue

The youth’s slender and fair hand was just like piece of carved jade as it gently hovered over his bare skin, while every so often the youth’s cool touch would bring with it a throbbing feeling that made him shudder.

Gu Liufeng felt a sudden skip in his chest, and bowing his head, the steady energy within his body suddenly surged and brought a bright red colour to lips once again.

His expression was calm, but in his mind a line continuously echoed: this little Genius Doctor called Xi Yue was rather too good looking!


As soon as Nangong Yu crouched to examine Feng Lian Ying’s condition, he immediately knew that she only had minor injuries. It simply wasn’t as serious as the expression on her face suggested.

With his face turning gloomy, he then got up and went to find Hexi. Yet just as he did, his robe was once again pulled on by Feng Lian Ying. “Brother Yu, just then I had to take a Red Phosphorus Pill to be able to compete against Gu Liufeng. Later on, I won’t be able to advance right? Brother Yu, will you dislike me then?”

Even with this remark, Nangong Yu still didn’t respond. However Nie Jingchen’s; the purple robed man’s, complexion changed, and with distress and anger flashing across his face, he said, “Little Sister Lian Ying, didn’t Master say that unless it was a last resort, you shouldn’t take a Red Phosphorus Pill? Your innate skill is rare; taking a Red Phosphorus Pill will encumber you for several years!”

Feng Lian Ying showed a sad and grievous expression, while her beautiful eyes gazed at Nangong Yu as she choked on sobs. “I was all alone, while the other side had three people! If I didn’t use a Red Phosphorus Pill, I don’t know if I could’ve waited until the arrival of you all and Brother Yu. If I didn’t have the assistance of a Red Phosphorus Pill to allow me to hold on until this moment, I don’t know how they would’ve humiliated me…”

“They’re going too far!!” Nie Jinchen roared with a gravelly voice. “Since they dared to hurt you to such a point, I’ll make those three wretches pay you back a thousand times over! Little Sister Lian Ying, just wait, I’ll go take revenge for you now!”

However, Nie Jinchen hadn’t yet finished speaking, when Nangong Yu’s face darkened and he coldly said, “Shut your mouth!”

Nie Jinchen was startled and didn’t react for a while. His face expressed a somewhat confused look.

Nangong Yu’s cold gaze swept over him, and he unhurriedly stressed his words, “If you say wretches again, I’ll pull your tongue out!”

The weather in the secret territory was warm, but Nie Jinchen felt so cold he was shivering.

Nangong Yu’s gaze at this moment was too frightening. It was as if Nie Jinchen continued speaking, the other party would immediately tear him to shreds.

However Feng Lian Ying’s pretty face twisted; intense jealousy and hatred glinting in her eyes.

From his clothes, Nangong Yu withdrew a bottle of medicinal pills and threw it to Nie Jinchen. “Give this pill to Lian Ying and use your spiritual power to unblock her meridians. After an hour she will be healed.”

Joy flashed within Nie Jinchen’s eyes. If he had to use his spiritual power to unblock her meridians, then that meant that he and Little Sister Lian Ying would have to be in close contact!

Nie Jinchen was the senior disciple of the head of the Liu Li sect. At such a young age he had already reached the peak of Gold Core stage, so it could be said that he had boundless prospects. Throughout Mi Luo Continent there were many women who admired him, completely willing to be his concubine.

But in Nie Jinchen’s heart, he had always been attracted to his junior; Feng Lian Ying, no other woman. With regard to Feng Lian Ying’s words, he took them as absolute truth and would never disobey her.

Now that Nangong Yu had given him an opportunity to get close to his goddess; how could he not be happy?

Nie Jinchen poured a medicinal pill out of the bottle for Feng Lian Ying to swallow, but was fiercely pushed away. Watching as Nangong Yu got up without hesitation and abandoned her, her heart was filled with extreme hatred.

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