Chapter 243 - Advancing To Meridians Stage

Chapter 243 - Advancing To Meridians Stage

But today, with her fail in competing over Zijin Palace’s Inheritance, the hatred she had for Hexi made her extremely irritated. All this, coupled with Dandan, the little Golden Dragon, and Zhou Yan’an’s words on top of that, it made her completely lose all rational and she was unable to maintain her fairy-like image.

Zhou Yan’an’s strength could in no way contend with Feng Lian Ying’s power, and as a result, after just a few short fights, he fell into a disadvantageous position; his body sustaining a few wounds.

Watching from the side, Dandan suddenly jumped over in an attempt to distracted Feng Lian Ying and assist Zhou Yan’an, but Feng Lian Ying ruthlessly kicked him away with a burst of spare spiritual power. This caused him to smash into Hexi’s body so hard, that he ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood.

Feng Lian Ying pointed the edge of her blazing sword at Zhou Yan’an, severely striking him. With a bam, the wooden protection tablet in Zhou Yan’an’s hand shattered into pieces. After which, he staggered before tumbling to the ground; his complexion deathly pale.

This wooden protection tablet was a spiritual item given to him by his Young Master, and it was able to resist the full strength of an attack from a martial artist at the peak of Gold Core stage. Zhou Yan’an had been able to avoid so many of Feng Lian Ying’s attacks so far because of this protection tablet.

Now that the protection tablet was broken, and the spiritual power in his body had been used up to the last drop, he could no longer withstand another blow from Feng Lian Ying.

A cold and malicious expression was clearly visible on Feng Lian Ying’s face. Whether it was Zhou Yan’an, the two little beasts, or Hexi; she absolutely wouldn’t allow them to live. In this world, any person who dared to humiliate her would pay the price a thousand times over, and they wouldn’t be allowed to die a natural death.

However, since Feng Lian Ying was immersed in her hatred, while Zhou Yan’an was focused on her and his despair, neither of them noticed what was currently happening with Hexi. As she sat silent and cross-legged to the side, her body began to emit a faint silver light.

Dandan raised his small head, and his big eyes welled with tears as he looked at Hexi with a surprised expression. “Mother!”

Along with the light slowly getting brighter, at a rate faster than the eye could see, Hexi’s spiritual power started to franticly increase. A tiny whirlpool formed in her dantian, and little by little, it started absorbing the spiritual energy from Zijin Palace into her body.

Next, Hexi’s cultivation base rose from the peak of Foundation Establishment stage; to the completion of Foundation Establishment stage; all the way up to Meridians stage. Finally, she stopped advancing once she reached the second rank of Meridians stage.

It must be known that in Mi Luo Continent, a martial artist’s rank was categorised and divided into Qi Refining stage, Foundation Establishment stage, Meridians stage, Gold Core stage, Nascent Soul stage, Divine stage, Void And Darkness stage, Overcoming Tribulation stage, and lastly; Completeness stage.

The higher the rank a martial artist reached, the harder advancing would become; it would be as if one was ascending to heaven. For a martial artist with ordinary innate talents, advancing from Foundation Establishment stage to Meridians stage would take at least several decades. Even a genius martial artist with outstanding innate talents would need at least five to six years. But Hexi had unexpectedly, in just one short month, managed to jump to the second rank of Meridians stage without a cultivation base.

If such an advancement speed were to spread out, it would absolutely shake the entire Mi Luo Continent to its core.

With the silver light slowly dissipating, it ultimately seemed that everything had completely entered Hexi’s body. Next, the eyelashes of the youngster slowly trembled as he sat cross-legged, and he slowly opened his eyes.

This scene was stunning, yet it all happened within the blink of an eye. So except for Dandan, Feng Lian Ying and Zhou Yan’an didn’t discover what had been going on!

Seeing the sword about to reach him once more, Zhou Yan’an closed his eyes in despair and he muttered two words, “Young Master...”

However, the pain he expected didn’t come and instead, he suddenly felt something wrap around his waist. Zhou Yan’an’s body flew into the air, brushing past the tip of Feng Lian Ying’s sword in the nick of time.

Almost at the same time, the entirety of Zijin Palace erupted in a burst of dazzling silver and purple lights; as if millions of shooting stars streaked across a night sky, making it difficult for people to open their eyes.

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