Chapter 242 - Unable To Contend

Chapter 242 - Unable To Contend

Like she had thought of something, Feng Lian Ying’s jealous-filled gaze swept over towards Hexi and she gloomily said, “Since shopkeeper Zhou came here, it was presumably to also receive the Inheritance of Zijin Palace, right? However, this palace has now been taken away by that stinky boy using his despicable methods. Shopkeeper Zhou, didn’t you want to get the Inheritance?”

Upon hearing this, shopkeeper Zhou stared blankly, before then glancing in disbelief at the boy meditating with his eyes closed.

Young Master once said that if one wants to receive Zijin Palace’s Inheritance, that they must at least be a martial artist of Gold Core stage or higher, and moreover, they need to have a certain level of medical expertise. Young Master Xi’s cultivation base was clearly just Qi Refining stage, but unexpectedly he was able to get the Inheritance! Could it be that his medical expertise is really so high that its reached perfection?

When Dandan heard Feng Lian Ying slandering Hexi, he angrily shouted, “Evil woman who won’t ever be able to be married off, it was obviously because your skills weren’t as good as Mother’s that you lost, and Zijin’s Master even said that you were inferior to Mother. With your venomous heart you were jealous of Mother, and thus you wanted to take advantage and kill her when she’s in the process of receiving the Inheritance! Such a vile person! Shameful and malicious people like you will absolutely not have a good ending!”

Zhou Yan’an was baffled. Young Master Xi was a man, yet his spirit pet called him Mother.

At the same time, Feng Lian Ying on the opposite side was angered so much that she trembled all over. As she glared at Dandan and Hexi, it was clear that she wanted to mince them up into meat patties.

“Zhou Yan’an, you better get out of here if you know what’s good for you, or else I will kill you together with them!!”

As her words fell, a formidable and imposing spiritual pressure burst out from Feng Lian Ying’s body, tightly wrapping itself around Zhou Yan’an and Dandan.

Zhou Yan’an instantly turned deathly pale, causing him to fall back a step. The light of the wooden protection tablet in his hand seemed to dim slightly.

His eyes expressed his dread and panic. It’s precisely as the Ice Lotus Fairy had said; he had depended on medicinal pills given to him by his Young Master to help him forcibly accumulate enough spiritual power to raise his cultivation base to Gold Core stage. And it was all done for the purpose of entering the secret territory and obtaining Zijin Palace’s Inheritance.

His strength simply wouldn’t be able to contend with the woman’s before his eyes, so the wisest choice was to leave...

However, Zhou Yan’an turned his head back and caught a glimpse of Hexi. The youngster’s long eyelashes were resting gently on soft, round cheeks, while his exquisite skin was sparkling and translucent. It was like this person was carved out of white jade; exceptionally beautiful and delicate.

An image of this youth rescuing that boy emerged before his eyes. He was radiant and glorious; as if any incurable disease in this world could easily be solved by his hands.

If it was him, perhaps he could really wasn’t certain but maybe! If it was him, perhaps he would have more confidence than himself, and be more successful in accomplishing a miracle!

With these thoughts, Zhou Yan’an clenched his jaw, his face showing obvious determination. “Ice Lotus Fairy, I’m a person who learned medicine, and we medical practitioners have benevolent hearts and are charitable in our deeds as a fundamental rule. With your conduct of wilfully killing a teenager because of hate and jealousy, you don’t deserve the title of doctor. Today, this humble one finally knows that the Ice Lotus Fairy who was originally rumoured to be as spotless as jade, with the heart of a Bodhisattva, was nowhere near as good as she was made out to be!”

“Good, very good! Since you yourself want to court death, then don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Zhou Yan’an’s remark was more refined than Dandan’s, but the meaning still caused Feng Lian Ying to become furiously angry.

With bloodshot eyes, the muscles on her face slightly trembled because of jealousy and hatred, turning her previously beautiful face into something sinister and distorted. This appearance completely replaced her usually irreproachable image.

If it was the normal Feng Lian Ying, then no matter how much she hated a person, she would’ve perfectly controlled her temperament and maintained her graceful appearance.

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