Chapter 241 - The Shopkeeper Of Sheng De Hall

Chapter 241 - The Shopkeeper Of Sheng De Hall

Feng Lian Ying sneered, “You’re a young dragon that’s not much better than a snake! Even the low level disciples of my Liu Li sect might be able to catch you as a pet, and yet here you are, daring to be so arrogant in front of me. Don’t overestimate your capabilities and attempt something impossible. As far as a useless spirit pet goes, you’re the most useless! Since you were so devoted in protecting him, then I’ll help you all die together!”

Upon saying that, her Long Sword suddenly lit up with a blinding red light and was surrounded by leaping flames; as if it was about to burn all of Zijin Palace down.

Fear and sadness clearly showed on Dandan’s face. But, in the next moment, he resolutely clenched his jaw and leaped into the air, firmly wrapping himself around Hexi.

He had experienced thousands of years of waiting in loneliness, before he had finally managed to met Mother! Mother was so gentle; so kind, she made so many delicious types of food for him, and she would even hug him to appease him...if he lost Mother, then would he have to return to that boundless darkness; where there was no longer any food, no light, and no more of Mother’s hugs to warm him?

No! He didn’t want that to happen!

As long as he could be together with Mother, even if he had to pay any price, he would do it without any hesitation!

Dandan’s body grew bigger and bigger, and the spiritual power in his body started surging violently, forming into a faint spiritual power vortex.

Next, the Long Sword enveloped in blazing flames issued an ear piercing buzzing as it was aimed straight at the two spirit pets.

Dandan’s eyes filled with determination, and he recklessly launched the spiritual vortex.

But suddenly, a refreshing screen of water appeared before their eyes. During a moment of life or death, it had unexpectedly blocked that whizzing Long Sword and its blazing flames.

Feng Lian Ying’s complexion became extremely unsightly, and she asked in a dark voice, “Who is it?! Come out here now!”

Her words had barely fallen when the door of Zijin Palace was slowly pushed open, and a man dressed in a black robe entered the palace holding a wooden protection tablet in his outstretched hands.

The man’s looks were scholarly and ordinary, while his voice when speaking carried a refined and amiable tone. “Ice Lotus Fairy, your reputation is well known, and your Liu Li sect is a dignified and large sect; by taking advantage of such a precarious position and mounting an attack on a member of the younger generation, it wouldn’t be good if it were to spread outside right?”

When she clearly saw the man’s face, Feng Lian Ying’s expression showed a hint of disgust in a flash. “I was wondering who was it, and as it turns out, it’s actually shopkeeper Zhou of Sheng De hall. You’re merely trash who depended on medicinal pills to forcefully accumulate enough spiritual power to reach Gold Core stage, and yet you dare to meddle in this Fairy’s business. Just who do you think you are?!”

The person who had come was Zhou Yan’an, a second ranked doctor and shopkeeper of Sheng De hall that Hexi became acquainted with when she was rescuing Xiao Li’s brother.

Zhou Yan’an quickly walked over to stand before Hexi, and Zijin Palace’s doors slowly shut behind him.

Inhaling a deep breath, he said, “The people in this world have a duty to meddle in affairs that have nothing to do with them if someone is about to be hurt. Furthermore, this is Young Master Xi, who this humble one happens to be acquainted with. Hence, no matter what, this humble one can’t just sit back and watch him die by your hands.”

Feng Lian Ying’s words were laced with contempt as she sneered, “If those words were said to me by your Master, Gu Liu Feng, I might have shown some fear, but since it was have no qualifications to talk to me like that.”

Finished speaking, Feng Lian Ying brandished the Long Sword in her hand once more, and ruthlessly shot towards Zhou Yan’an.

With a bang, a water mist rose into the air and blocked Feng Lian Ying’s strike. However, this time the water barrier vibrated extremely hard; like it was only just managing to withstand the attack and resist shattering into pieces.

Feng Lian Ying retrieved the Long Sword, and seeing the wooden protection tablet still in Zhou Yan’an’s hands emitting a faint silvery light, she sneered, “You think that such a lousy protection tablet could block my attack? Dream on!”

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