Chapter 239 - You Cannot Harm My Mother

Chapter 239 - You Cannot Harm My Mother

Under Hexi’s clothes, the little Golden Dragon was a bundle of nerves as he stealthily watched Feng Lian Ying’s reactions. At the same time, he was also trying to appease Dandan and pushing away his small claws.

Even though she was clearly unwilling, they watched as Feng Lian Ying carried her sword with her as she walked out of Zijin Palace, causing the little Golden Dragon to finally heave a long sigh of relief. Then, turning towards Dandan with a proud smile, his mouth noisily opened and closed as he said, “See, I told you that I could handle that evil woman…”

However, the little Golden Dragon had yet to finish speaking, when Dandan suddenly cried out in alarm, and his pale pink body abruptly swelled as blinding lights burst from his body.

The next moment, a bang echoed throughout the room, and the two little spirit pets flew out from under Hexi’s clothes to land heavily fell upon the ground.

Dandan uttered a painful wail and his swollen body deflated at a speed faster than the naked eye could follow, becoming smaller and smaller. His pig appearance seemed to have lost all moisture, and his soft skin was no longer as shiny and smooth as before. Rather, it was now all wrinkled, as if completely dried out.

“Dandan, are you okay?!” The little Golden Dragon cried out in fear, shock and terror clearly written across his face.

This foolish little pig, in order to protect him…

“Hmph, I had thought that it was truly an order from Zijin’s Master, yet as it turns out, it was only two cunning little beasts. I was almost deceived by the two of you!”

When the little Golden Dragon heard that, he raised his small head and furiously said, “My Master has already begun the process of receiving the Inheritance of Zijin Palace, which means that he will soon become the owner of this secret territory; the younger family member of Zijin’s Master. If you dare harm my Master, be careful because Zijin’s Master will definitely seek you out to pay back your debt!”

Upon hearing that, Feng Lian Ying burst into a fit of laughter, “Since you said that the acceptance has just began, then that means it’s not yet complete! If I kill him now, he’s not a descendant of Zijin’s Master, so naturally no one will take revenge on behalf of him. What’s more, can it be that you really think my Liu Li sect is afraid of Zijin’s Master?”

After saying that, the look on her face suddenly became fierce and she gloomily said, “If I can’t receive the Inheritance, then I won’t let others receive it either!”

With that remark, her figure flashed as she charged straight towards Hexi cloaked in an intense murderous aura.

“Mother!” Dandan cried out loudly, and without thinking, his figure once again swelled as he pounced over before Hexi. “You cannot harm my Mother!”

The power of a Gold Core stage martial artist’s sword was very formidable, and Dandan was merely a newborn primary spirit; how could he withstand it?

When the sword pierced his body, Dandan let out a shrill scream, and in a flash he fell into Hexi’s arms as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

His previous pink skin was now nearly completely covered in wrinkles and lifelessly dull; it was as if he would shatter into a million pieces at any time.

But the next moment, Dandan shockingly grew even larger to protect Hexi.

His voice was brimming with fear and tears, but it also carried stubbornness and the strong conviction of one prepared to sacrifice their life for their beliefs as he said, “You cannot harm my Mother… Mother, don’t be afraid, Dandan will certainly protect you!”

Feng Lian Ying withdrew her Long Sword, and as her towering figure looked down at the little pig who was firmly protecting Hexi, she sneered in contempt, “Based on what abilities do you want to block me? Such nonsense! Well, since you’re so anxious to court death, then I shall kill you, and your Master!”

“Little foolish pig, are you insane?! Hurry up and run away! She’s a Gold Core stage martial artist; how could you be her opponent?! If you continue like this you’ll die!”

Dandan firmly shook his head, stubbornness and persistence showing on his face. “Mother is the best Mother in this world, Dandan will absolutely not abandon Mother to run away…if you’re afraid, then you can go.”

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