Chapter 235 - The Risk Of Being Bitten Back

Chapter 235 - The Risk Of Being Bitten Back

As Hexi watched, Qing Sha’s eyes slowly changed from being unable to focus, to lifeless and dull. Then, with involuntary movements, it step by step walked towards the direction of Feng Lian Ying.

Watching the unfocused and uncontrolled state of Qing Sha, Hexi’s eyebrows creased.

If she hadn’t guessed wrongly, Feng Lian Ying was using an enchantment technique. Moreover, if this technique was used on a low level spirit beast, it would damage the spirit beast’s Divine Sense, resulting in it becoming a puppet that had no choice but to obey all orders.

It could be said that spirit beasts that had been tamed this way hadn’t properly made a contract with their Master, and instead, they were just a mere tool being controlled.

As Qing Sha’s eyes continued to lose their focus, it had slowly walked in front of Feng Lian Ying, following her order of crawling on the ground.

A glint of excitement flashed in Feng Lian Ying’s eyes, and her hand continuously shook the bell. Gently extending her other hand, she placed it on top of Qing Sha’s head; slowly releasing her new level of spiritual power and wrapping it around its head.

Not a moment later, Qing Sha’s eyes slowly started to focus, but it had become very meek; as if it was only a house dog crouching before Feng Lian Ying.

Successfully tamed!

Feng Lian Ying was no longer able to suppress the proud look on her face. As she stopped shaking the bell in her hand, she took a step forward, towards Zijin’s Master, and bowed. “Zijin’s Master, luckily I didn't fail to accomplish this test; I’ve tamed Qing Sha!”

However, there was no change to the expression on the face of Zijin’s Master, except for a corner of his mouth lifting into a meaningful smile. “Oh? Are you sure?”

Feng Lian Ying stared blankly for a moment, and just as she was about to ask him what his words meant, her complexion suddenly changed.

Qing Sha, who had up until this moment been completely meek, abruptly released a snarl, a burst of formidable spiritual pressure exploding from its entire body.

This kind of spiritual pressure far surpassed what a Gold Core stage martial artist could take, and Feng Lian Ying was caught completely off guard, directly struck by that spiritual pressure. Combining this with the effort she had used for the enchantment technique, and she was too powerless and ended up spitting out a mouthful of blood, before her entire body then fell weakly to the ground.

Raising her head, she looked at Qing Sha who had snarled at her in disbelief, murmuring, “How could this be possible? My method for taming could it fail?”

A glint of ridicule flashed within the eyes of Zijin’s Master as he replied, “Oh, I forgot to warn you two; being threatened and forced are the things that my Qing Sha loathes the most. You have to make him want to recognise you. For example, you have to make him willing to do it. Otherwise, you have to bear the risk of being bitten back.”

After hearing that, Feng Lian Ying’s complexion paled further, her heart brimming with unwillingness and resentment since she had failed the final test.

However, just thinking that if she couldn’t do it, then it would be near impossible for that stinky boy to accomplish it! With that thought in her mind, her heart felt a little better.

As long as he couldn’t do it, then the result would be a draw and she would still have a chance.

She was determined to win Zijin Palace’s Inheritance.

After Zijin’s Master finished warning the two of them, he looked at the current ferocious appearance of his spirit beast, and couldn’t help but shake his head. “Qing Sha is now in a bad mood, its temperament will be more violent than usual. I’m afraid that if you still want to tame it, that it will be extremely difficult.”

Hexi crossed her arms as she examined this huge spirit beast growling angrily, pondering how she was going to make it submit to her.

She was different to the martial artists of this world, as in regards to spirit beasts, her concept of them from the beginning was limited to her adorable Dandan and that smelly little Golden Dragon.

As for how to subdue ordinary spirit beasts, she really had no idea at all.

However, seeing this spirit beast with a head like a dog and a body similar of that to a bear’s, Hexi suddenly remembered the wild animals of her past life.

How would she have gotten a wild animal to be obedient back then? At least, obedient in the shortest amount of time?

After thinking about it for a while, Hexi’s eyes suddenly lit up. Then, she slowly strode towards Qing Sha, but when Qing Sha saw someone approaching it, it suddenly raised its body up from its crouched position. With its mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl it released a warning snarl, as if in the next moment it would swallow Hexi whole.

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