Chapter 232 - The Greatest Pride To Depend On

Chapter 232 - The Greatest Pride To Depend On

Feng Lian Ying sucked in a cold breath, and her face turned an extremely ugly shade.

She was well aware of how terrible Dense Viper Orchid was, because even her Master had mentioned this poison once before. Nevertheless, with a grave face she glanced at Zijin’s Master, wondering what he intended bringing out this poison.

A sharp glint flashed in Zijin’s Master’s eyes, then he continued, “What you have to do is take this Dense Viper Orchid, and before you die due to being poisoned, you have to find Dense Viper Orchid’s antidote amongst the remaining thirty bottles of medicinal pills.”

“These thirty bottles of medicinal pills contain nearly the exact same attributes as the real antidote; be it colour, scent, or accumulation of spiritual power. Apart from the real antidote, none of them have any effect at all and in case you take them, they will cause the effects of Dense Viper Orchid to accelerate instead. Therefore for this test, it’s up to either of you to decide whether or not you want to participate, so you should think it over properly yourselves.”

Hexi took two steps forward, and picking up two of the small bottles, she opened the stoppers and sniffed.

Sure enough, regardless of the shape, colour, or scent, there was no difference. Finding Dense Viper Orchid’s antidote wasn’t difficult; what was difficult was when this kind of extremely poisonous pill was ingested.

As the time limit for taking the antidote approached little by little, with frightening scales slowly appearing in the body, how could any ordinary person still stay calm enough to differentiate which was the antidote?

Hexi laughed coldly, and without a single hesitation, she picked up the red medicinal pill bottle and swallowed a pill instantly.

Zijin’s Master raised an eyebrow with a look of surprise in his eyes. Hexi’s courage really made him, who had already lived a millennium, have no choice but to admire her.

The moment the Dense Viper Orchid poison reached Hexi’s stomach, a distinct red line started to trace down the veins on her arms. Slowly, this red line got longer, extending itself towards her heart.

Hexi’s expression sharpened with her concentration, and the speed of her hands suddenly became very fast. In the blink of an eye, all thirty blue and white striped bottles were opened, and all of the medicinal pills were poured onto a tray.

Then, suddenly, a Silver Needle appeared gripped in one of Hexi’s hands. Using the Silver Needle, she inserted it a little into one of the pills that she had just placed into her mouth, and the scent of spiritual herbs wafted into the air.

The smell and spiritual energy properties of most medicines were very similar, so even if a common doctor in Mi Luo Continent used spiritual power to inspect them, they still might not be able to find the real antidote.

But Hexi was different. When she differentiated between medicines, she also examined them using a subtle touch, and a sense of taste. Although she had tasted all kinds of herbs as a Divine Doctor in her past life, with this she had to distinguish the five elements between the thirty medicinal pills, so it wasn’t like it would take no effort at all.

Just three brief minutes later, Hexi picked up a medicinal pill; a faint smile showing on her face.

Seeing that she was about to stuff the pill into her mouth, Zijin’s Master couldn’t help but say, “You still have a lot of time to examine the rest, so there’s no need to be so hasty with deciding. If you swallow the wrong pill, it’s very possible that you will immediately die from the poison. Have you thought about it properly?”

A glint of confidence flashed in Hexi’s eyes, then, without the slightest hesitation, she swallowed the pill. Showing a reckless smile, she said, “I apologise, I always firmly believe in my medical expertise.”

Even if you’ve lived a thousand years old man, Zijin’s Master, it’s not likely that you’ll be able to ever surpass me in medical expertise!

This is Hexi’s greatest pride that she depended on.

As expected, after the medicinal pill entered her stomach, the poison source that had been circling her dantian was instantly neutralised.

Zijin’s Master’s face showed disbelief and admiration; his gaze as he looked at Hexi was becoming more and more amiable.

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