Chapter 230 - Relying On One’s Own Ability

Chapter 230 - Relying On One’s Own Ability

Hexi and Feng Lian Ying shivered for a moment, before their gazes then fell on the imprint of Zijin’s Master’s image.

After seeing the true appearance of Zijin’s Master, Hexi’s eyes widened in shock. She hadn’t expected that his appearance would be of one so young, or that his whole body would give off the feel of a refined scholar. From what she had heard from the little Golden Dragon, she had assumed that his Master would have been a white haired old man with a long beard; someone who would look like a sage!

Zijin’s Master slightly raised his left hand as he smiled and said, “Welcome to my Nothingness Void, here is where my Inheritance can be received. Unfortunately, my Inheritance can only be given to one person, so to determine who will receive my Inheritance, the two of you will have to pass three tests. The winner...”

Zijin’s Master was still speaking, yet Feng Lian Ying hurriedly stepped forward and interrupted by respectfully handing over the jade slip in her hand. “Your Honour, this is the letter that my Master wanted me to give you. My Master said as long as you read this letter, that you’ll understand and know who to choose.”

As she was handing over the jade slip, Feng Lian Ying proudly glanced at Hexi. She had total confidence that as long as Zijin’s Master read this jade slip, that he would certainly give the Inheritance to her.

However, who would have thought that he didn’t bother taking the jade slip, instead laughing, “No need, I know who your Master is; yet accepting you based on that old guy’s reputation isn’t possible. A pity really, since that old guy’s reputation isn’t small either.”

“With this being the case, I will not choose who due to another’s reputation. Both of you will just have to rely on your own abilities’.”

“What?” Feng Lian Ying paled. “How could this…”

However, she hadn’t finished speaking when Zijin’s Master had already waved his sleeve, and suddenly a ray of light rose from the ground, wrapping around each of the two girls.

When Hexi recovered her senses, she found herself floating in the air with a distant and familiar voice resounding in her ears, “Sister, I will protect you! I absolutely won’t let them hurt you!”

Hexi’s body suddenly started shaking, and following that, she felt like the world was spinning in front her eyes as a white building abruptly appeared before her.

That building was the orphanage where she had lived in her past life, and the scene at this time was in the orphanage’s toilet.

A thin and weak girl and boy were trapped in the toilet while a few people were continuously kicking them. At the same time, a couple of other people were holding dirty mops and brooms, whacking the faces of the two children now and then.

The boy’s frame was thinner than the girl’s, but he unwaveringly shielded the girl behind him. No matter how badly he was beaten, he refused to move out of the way.

They forced the boy’s head into the toilet bowl as they kept punching and kicking him, excitedly yelling, “Beat these two freaks to death!”

Watching the boy starting to suffocate from his head being pressed into the toilet bowl, the girl finally snapped, and an intense burst of energy surged out of her body and struck all the scoundrels bullying them. This resulted in them all falling to the ground in an unconscious heap; half of them seriously injured, the rest of them barely breathing.

Hexi was stuck floating in the air as she watched this scene. Stiffly biting her lip, her eyes no longer revealed their usual coldness; they were brimming with anguish and painful memories instead.

That little girl was her, and the little boy protecting her with all his might was her biological little Brother.

After they were sent to the orphanage, because of some extraordinary abilities they had possessed that they were unable to suppress, they were regarded as freaks and often bullied by many of the other children there.

At that time, after seeing her Brother nearly die before her eyes, the energy within Hexi’s body erupted with her fury and shocked the entire orphanage.

The scene in front of her changed once again, and as Hexi floated in the air, she watched her little Brother go to the Dean of the orphanage without her knowing, and admit that the immense energy attack was caused by him.

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