Chapter 229 - Avoid Choking

Chapter 229 - Avoid Choking

A trace of killing intent flashed in Feng Lian Ying’s eyes, but quickly disappeared and was replaced by a gentle smile on her face. “Young Master Xi, this is such a coincidence, I didn’t expect to see you in here. I wonder how Young Master Xi was able to find Zijin Palace?”

Without any expression on her face, Hexi indifferently said, “Naturally I have my ways, what does it concern you?”

Feng Lian Ying grit her teeth, and she released a soft laugh from her mouth. “However, I heard that if it isn’t a martial artist of Gold Core stage or higher that enters the internal core of the secret territory, that they will be torn into pieces. For you to be able to come here, you must have a great ability?”

Hexi’s eyes showed a trace of impatience. “However the Ice Lotus Fairy entered, that was how I entered too.”

Feng Lian Ying rolled her eyes, her expression somewhat bashful as she said, “It was Brother Yu who helped me to enter. He started planning this many years ago while waiting for the secret territory to open so we could hunt for treasures. Besides finding the divine treasures he desired, the most important thing he wanted was for me to enter Zijin Palace and receive the Inheritance.”

After saying that she suddenly paused, then said in a slightly surprised tone, “Young Master Xi, you didn’t know about Brother Yu wanting to enter the secret territory? He didn’t inform you that we were coming here together?”

Hexi’s lips flattened; her eyes appearing slightly chilly.

Feng Lian Ying saw the change in his expression, and realising that it wasn’t really Nangong Yu who helped him enter, a burst of ecstasy immediately appeared in her eyes.

Yet all that was heard from her mouth seemed to be apologies. “I’m really sorry Young Master Xi, that...when I saw that you and Brother Yu were so close, I assumed that your relationship must be very good. Therefore, I thought that Brother Yu surely would have informed you that we were entering the secret territory together. After all, even if a low level martial artist can’t enter the internal core, with the protection of Brother Yu, an average martial artist would be able to obtain some treasures in the outer layer; it’s an opportunity that’ll only come once in their lifetime. I really didn’t expect that Brother Yu didn’t actually have any intention to bring you along, he didn’t even tell you that he wanted to come to the secret territory…”

“Anyway, Brother Yu also entered the secret territory, so the two of you could run into each other anytime. Or else you can wait until after I receive the Inheritance, then I can ask him for you? Perhaps Brother Yu might be having some difficulties? Don’t worry, from childhood until now, Brother Yu has always told me if he has any secrets, I will certainly ask him clearly for you!”

Feng Lian Ying’s gentle voice was laced with obvious mockery, continuously resounding in Hexi’s ears and making her heart irritated, while a biting cold spread throughout her body.

The corners of her mouth curled into a cold smile all of a sudden, and her expression as she looked at Feng Lian Ying morphed into a sneer. “Wait until after you receive the Inheritance? Ice Lotus Fairy, isn’t there something wrong with your brain? Who said that the person who’ll ultimately be receiving the Inheritance will be you? Moreover, how I came to the secret territory is my business, that has nothing to do with Nangong Yu. Even more it has nothing to do with you, do I need you to meddle in my business?”

Feng Lian Ying’s expression suddenly sank, then she sneered, “You’re merely a Foundation Establishment stage martial artist, the process of how you got here doesn’t matter. However, just because of your luck so far, do you really think that you can compete with me over the Inheritance? I advise you, Young Master Xi, you should conduct yourself with integrity and not overestimate your capabilities!”

Hexi laughed quietly, and coming into contact with Feng Lian Ying’s forceful power pressure, she didn’t cower in the slightest as she said, “Whether or not it was luck, we’ll know once the Inheritance trial has ended. Before you boast, Ice Lotus Fairy, it’s best you take it easy so that when your words slap your face you avoid choking on your tongue.”


Feng Lian Ying was just about to attack, when the imprint of Zijin’s Master, who had been quiet until now said, “Though Zijin Palace and my Maha Inheritance will dissipate from this world, along with myself, I never expected that someone would really be able to enter here. Furthermore, it was two people at once.”

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