Chapter 226 - Raging Blue Ice Flames

Chapter 226 - Raging Blue Ice Flames

“Did you rely on this face to seduce Brother Yu? Hehehe, what type of dignified man uses his appearance to serve people, you’re really shameless. Since you have no sense of shame, then I’ll destroy this face first, and then when you die, I’ll let everyone know how despicable you are!”

The powerful sword edge was just about to touch Hexi’s face, however Hexi was completely oblivious to what was happening around her; she was too busy enduring the sharp torture necessary to receive the Inheritance in the void.

Hiding in the hem of Hexi’s skirt, Dandan’s eyes turned red blood and he was so angry that he was about to rush out and beat that hateful woman to death.

The little Golden Dragon covered Dandan’s mouth, and whispered quietly in his ear, “Don’t worry, watch me!”

The next moment, all of Zijin Palace abruptly started to quake slightly, and following that, a low and imposing voice slowly said, “It is forbidden to fight inside Zijin Palace; those who dare violate this law shall be banished from the palace, and will never be allowed to enter again.”

Feng Lian Ying’s sword was just about to hit Hexi but it suddenly halted in mid air, and turning pale with fright she withdrew her sword and started looking all around.

The palace was still the size of about one hundred square meters, there wasn’t the trace of a person’s shadow, and it didn’t seem like anything was odd.

With bewilderment plastered across her face, she thought about her perfect preparations for visiting the secret territory. Her Master had practically told her everything she needed to take note of in Zijin Palace, and of course that included how to pass through every spirit treasure restriction. Yet even with all that, he didn’t mention that you couldn’t fight in Zijin Palace.

Master had even said that in order to prevent someone from entering Zijin Palace and snatching the Inheritance, he had specially prepared a powerful spirit weapon that was guaranteed to be foolproof. However, why now did Zijin Palace warn her that fighting was prohibited?

The little Golden Dragon’s purple-gold eyes widened in nervousness as he peeked out from under Hexi’s clothes; his scales sticking up all over his small body.

The woman before his eyes was merely a minor Gold Core stage martial artist. If it was the him of the past, then with just a simple slap, she would’ve been annihilated into a puff of smoke.

However, his seal had only just been removed, so he was still in the form of a young dragon. He was currently unable to defeat Hexi, let alone a Gold Core stage martial artist.

Therefore, he could only mimic his original Master’s tone to scare her into retreating, and hope that she didn’t dare act rashly.

If that still didn’t make this woman stop, then...then he couldn’t do anything about it anymore; he could only abandon the little pink pig and flee.

Luckily, Feng Lian Ying’s eyes flashed, and eventually, she unwillingly glanced at Hexi with ruthlessness flashing in her eyes. “Your life may be great, but your luck, it won’t be so good every time.”

Now for her, the most important thing is the Inheritance of Zijin Palace. It was for this reason that they, the Liu Li sect, had paid a great price. Only then had they been able to be well prepared; they absolutely wouldn’t allow any mistakes.

As for this stinky boy, with his cultivation base at just Qi Refining stage, he wouldn’t be able to cause any trouble and anyway, there will be more opportunities to kill him in the future.

Thinking until here, Feng Lian Ying withdrew her Long Sword, and fished out a jade box from within her sleeve.

When she opened the jade box, the wisp of an ice-blue coloured flame sprang out from the jade box, before it then fluttered in the air and fell into the furnace.

This ice-blue flame was a fifth level Raging Blue Ice Flame that her Master had found after searching everywhere for it. Once it was found after searching through many treasures, it was given to her to help her with refining.

Unfortunately, her current cultivation base rank wasn’t high enough, so therefore she was unable to subdue the fire within her body.

As soon as the ice-blue coloured flame entered Zijin furnace, it slowly burned within the furnace wall. Feng Lian Ying had thought that as soon as her Raging Blue Ice Flame entered the furnace, that it would absorb Hexi’s low grade spiritual fire, and then at that time she wouldn’t have to move her hands as Zijin Palace would judge Hexi’s trial as a failure and she would die.

However, contrary to Feng Lian Ying’s expectations, once her Raging Blue Ice Flame encountered the light golden coloured flame that had already been in the furnace, it unexpectedly dulled in an instant.

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