Chapter 225 - Feng Lian Ying’s Jealousy

Chapter 225 - Feng Lian Ying’s Jealousy

One dragon and one pig; both of them quietly and rapidly moved to the door frame, and peeped out through a crack. What they saw, was an elegant woman dressed in a white muslin skirt standing straight outside the palace, her bright eyes deeply examining Zijin Palace.

The little Golden Dragon laughed mischievously and complacently said, “I don’t know what methods that brat used to enter the secret territory’s internal core, but it won’t be so easy for her to enter Zijin Palace. If it weren’t for me lending a hand to your Mother, she absolutely wouldn’t have been able to reach the entrance of Zijin Palace. So rest assured, for the time being she won’t come inside, and by the time she does manage to enter, your Mother’s acceptance of the Inheritance will already be completed.”

Receiving even more of Dandan’s worshipping gaze, the little Golden Dragon triumphantly nodded his small head. However, the next moment, the proud look on his face turned into one of shock.

Watching outside the palace, he noticed that the woman dressed in white took out the piece of a jade tablet, and as her red lips lightly moved, the jade tablet flew high in the air and suddenly released a blue light.

In the next moment, the door of Zijin Palace unexpectedly opened itself without even a gust of wind, and the woman standing outside the palace laughed quietly as she slowly walked towards the door.

The little Golden Dragon’s complexion changed greatly, and with a strong burst of wind under his feet, two small bodies rose into the sky and quickly fled forwards, sliding to hide under a corner of the lower hem of Hexi’s skirt.


Feng Lian Ying retrieved the jade tablet, and as she faced the wide open door of Zijin Palace, a smile full of relief appeared on her face.

Since Zijin Palace hadn’t disappeared, and the restriction on the door was still there, then that meant that the Inheritance hadn’t been taken away yet.

That’s great, luckily she came fast enough! And fortunately she had this spell breaking jade tablet in her hands that was given to her by Master so she could easily enter Zijin Palace.

Feng Lian Ying leisurely marched into the palace, and since the inside of the palace wasn’t all that large, she could see what was currently happening with just a glance.

Sitting cross-legged and concentrating beside Zijin furnace, was Hexi. Feng Lian Ying’s eyes suddenly widened, and a mysterious light of disbelief flashed in her eyes.

It’s that stinky boy! Precisely the one who was extremely intimate with Brother Yu, that bullshit personal doctor!

However, isn’t his cultivation base just at Qi Refining stage? How could he enter the internal core of the secret territory? And how could he even attempt to receive Zijin Palace’s Inheritance trial?

Did he also use a secret method to bypass the restrictions of the secret territory? Who was it that helped him to come here and compete in gaining the Inheritance with me?

Don’t tell me...was it Brother Yu?

With this thought, Feng Lian Ying’s elegant features twisted; her gaze brimming with hate and bitter resentment as she looked at Hexi.

There were no lights or windows in Zijin Palace, but there was a kind of radiance in the palace that lit everything up, and at this moment, that radiance was shining upon Hexi’s face. This light clearly revealed a flawless complexion before Feng Lian Ying’s eyes.

Lips the colour of vermilion, eyebrows such a deep black that they seemed like they were painted, and skin as perfect as white jade; exquisite and translucent. His long eyelashes fluttered like tiny fans and cast faint silhouettes upon his cheeks. Even though this was the face of a man, it was actually more outstanding than her own to some degree.

What if...if this was a woman, what kind of evildoer would she be? And what kind of peerless talent and devastatingly beautiful woman would she be?

Feng Lian Ying firmly gritted her teeth, and suddenly, a corner of her mouth stretched into a sly smile. “Heaven has a path yet you don’t walk down it, while Hell has no door yet you insist on charging in. Today, you will die in here, and there’s no one to blame but yourself for overestimating your capabilities and delivering yourself to my door. Hmph, you’re just an insignificant and useless person on Qi Refining stage, and yet you unexpectedly attempted to snatch away Zijin Palace’s Inheritance from me! Death is the only repayment you deserve!”

With that, Feng Lian Ying raised her sword, and unhurriedly moved towards Hexi. The edge of her sword approaching Hexi’s flawless face little by little.

This is the face that made her, Feng Lian Ying, feel both loathing and jealousy. If she destroyed it, she wondered if Brother Yu would treat him differently?

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