Chapter 221 - Zijin Palace

Chapter 221 - Zijin Palace

As soon as Hexi entered Zijin Palace, she couldn’t help but crinkle her eyebrows.

From the outside it seemed like Zijin Palace was very imposing and majestic, but once you had walked through the entrance, you were presented with an absolutely empty room.

After entering, the entire room was plainly visible. It was approximately only one hundred square meters in size, and there didn’t appear to be any stairs or doors leading into other rooms; it seemed that Zijin Palace’s interior didn’t match the exterior!

The most eye-catching thing in the room, was an earth based eight trigram engraved in the centre of the room on the floor. Arranged in the centre of it was a huge purple-gold furnace. From its outward appearance, it appeared somewhat old fashioned and unremarkable, yet at first glance, Hexi had felt that this furnace must be a hundred times more precious than the furnace in Hell King Manor.

It seemed that the owner of Zijin Palace was an Alchemist Master? So the Inheritance here is also related to alchemy?

Thinking of this, Hexi’s interest rose a bit.

Although she had the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture in her hands, many of the spiritual plants required for refining couldn’t be found in Mi Luo Continent; in fact, most were unheard of.

Moreover, apart from the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture, she didn’t actually have any refining tools. If the Inheritance of Zijin Palace included treasures like this furnace, then that’s great!

The little Golden Dragon on Hexi’s arm shook his head, and with a proud and arrogant expression on his face, he said, “Little girl, do you see it? This is what countless martial artists yearn for; they all dream of obtaining the divine level Inheritance of Zijin Palace. If you want to know how to begin the acceptance test, you have to properly serve this King…”

The little Golden Dragon was still speaking when it suddenly grunted in shock, and looked at Hexi with an unreadable expression.

A small, light golden ball of spiritual fire was flickering on Hexi’s fingertips, before she then gently tossed it into the furnace.

As soon as the light golden ball of spiritual fire entered the furnace, it began to spread along the furnace wall; forming an irregular circle. While this was happening, the colour of the flame kept changing.

The little Golden Dragon pointed at the ignited furnace, stuttering, “ did you know you must release spiritual fire in! That’s wrong! Girl, aren’t you only on Foundation Establishment stage? Since when has a martial artist on Foundation Establishment stage been able to release spiritual fire, and moreover, a very high level spiritual fire, this...this is simply…”

Really, at first he had only wanted to show off in front of this girl, to have her properly serve him, to make her beseech him for half a day, and then he would share a wisp of his dragon fire with her. Who knew she would unexpectedly open up the test of Inheritance using spiritual fire that only a martial artist higher than Foundation Establishment stage should the end, what’s the identity of this girl?

Hexi ignored the little Golden Dragon’s shock and approached the side of the furnace, checking on the state of the spiritual fire.

But just as she was about to approach the furnace, abruptly, an intense purple light bloomed in front of her eyes. Soon after, a wisp of light grey smoke curled upwards from the centre of the furnace towards her face.

Hexi was shocked, and instinctively wanted to avoid it.

Just then, she heard the anxious shouts of the little Golden Dragon, “Hey, don’t move! Stupid girl, that is the Divine Senses Mark and represents the start of the test, why are on earth are you avoiding it?!”

Hexi stopped moving, and that wisp of light grey smoke quickly bore into the space between her eyebrows. The next moment, a powerful surge of spiritual power encircled her entire body, causing her consciousness to become blurry.

And so, the light grey smoke steadily continued to drift out of the furnace and surround Hexi. Gradually, it covered her whole body, making it seem like she was merging with the smoke.

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