Chapter 219 - Inheritance

Chapter 219 - Inheritance

“What’s wrong with me?!” The little Golden Dragon’s body twisted in anger. “I said that I’m a Divine Golden Dragon! If you don’t believe me, then look for yourself!”

After saying this, a fine golden ball of light abruptly shone out of the little Golden Dragon’s mouth. Next, it floated down and lit up with a reflective surface in front of its body.

Suddenly, the surface of this mirror-like ball that was shrouded by a golden light began to ripple. Then, as the ripples began to spread outwards, the scene of a desert slowly became visible.

In this desert scene, countless giant fire ants were attempting to devour many martial artists who were screaming as they fled in fear. Amongst the martial artists, there was one that was slower than the rest. And unfortunately, this martial artist happened to stumble, allowing the giant fire ants the opportunity to catch up to him. In the blink of an eye, the giant fire ants converged on him as one, completely devouring his flesh until nothing but chalky white bones remained.

“This is…?”

The little Golden Dragon was clearly pleased with himself as he said, “This King’s previous Master was very powerful! In this secret territory, he created various kinds of locations with different atmospheres, and every location is unusual as each one has a different trial. The further in the secret territory a martial artist explores, the crueler and more severe the trials become. Of course, the greater the trial, the greater the treasure hidden in that location will be. Take this group of martial artists for example; it’s obvious that they lack strength, and yet they still dared to enter the third domain of the secret territory! Blinded by their greed, it’s only natural that they would die!”

The little Golden Dragon spat out several more golden light balls, allowing Hexi to see what was currently happening in other locations across the secret territory.

These golden light balls showed miniature copies of locations in the secret territory. Each scene would show things like deserts, forests, marshlands, and also glaciers. Furthermore, every location seemed to be filled with some sort of dangerous secret, as from time to time a martial artist would appear, only to perish not long after in a violent disaster. Amongst these martial artists, there were even a few experts at the peak of Meridians stage.

Although, Hexi was somewhat puzzled; why did it seem like her experiences were different compared to everyone else’s? Even though she was the one who had found the Golden Python, it clearly wasn’t as bad a trial as what others seemed to be dealing with now.

The little Golden Dragon seemed to know what Hexi was thinking, and appeared proud as he said, “Master, you directly entered the inner core of the secret territory through the Sealed Dragon Domain door. Of course you wouldn’t need to pass through those trials!”

After saying that, he couldn’t help but be smug as he said, “Hehe, so how is it? This secret territory is awesome, right?”

Hexi stroked her chin as she asked, “You said this secret territory belongs to you?”

“Of course!” The little Golden Dragon proudly wagged his tail.

“Then, can you get the hidden treasures for me?”

The little Golden Dragon’s figure stiffened, before his tiny claws started waving in the air. “That...that…unfortunately that’s out of the question for the time being! My previous Master said that he had left the treasure hidden in this secret territory for Mi Luo Continent’s chosen person. Even if you’re now my Master and want those treasures, you still have to pass a trial.”

Seeing the contempt on Hexi’s face, the little Golden Dragon immediately felt that his dignity was wounded and promptly shouted, “But I know where the most precious treasures are, I can take you there!”

Hexi blandly asked, “Oh, then what is the most precious treasure found in this secret territory?”

“It’s me, of course!” The little Golden Dragon didn’t have a trace of modesty as he used his claws to pat his chest.

Hexi’s expression remained unmoved and caused the little Golden Dragon to feel wronged, so he poked a claw at her as he said, “Originally, I was the most useful...anyway, apart from me, the most precious treasure here is certainly my previous Master’s Inheritance! My previous Master’s Inheritance is on the level of being Divine; there’s only one in all of Mi Luo Continent!”

“Inheritance? What kind of Inheritance?” Hexi inquired.

“Ahh!!” The little Golden Dragon suddenly exclaimed. “A group of people just entered the inner core of this secret territory, it’ll certainly be because they want to snatch the Inheritance for themselves. Quickly! We have to go to Zijin Palace!”

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