Chapter 216 - Dragon’s Cry

Chapter 216 - Dragon’s Cry

The spiritual power within Hexi’s body was slowly depleting, and realising that the Golden Python was about to catch her, she decided to do something unexpected. So using her left leg, she abruptly kicked off a large tree and twisted in the air, pouncing towards the Golden Python.

The Golden Python apparently didn’t think that such a petty and low human, who would steal its Golden Bodhi Tree, was actually worth its time and would have the strength to attack back. So for a moment, it stared blankly in shock.

And it was exactly at this moment when the Golden Python was frozen, that Hexi all of a sudden jumped on top of its head, fiercely stabbing down on one of its blood-red eyes.

However, the Golden Python reacted faster than Hexi had imagined it would. Just as her dagger was about to pierce its target, the Golden Python promptly closed its eyes.

The dagger capable of cutting iron as if it was clay stabbed at the Golden Python’s eyelid. Unfortunately, it failed to pierce its eye, and Hexi only managed to leave a shallow cut.

The Golden Python let out a furious hiss, and fiercely shaking its head, it roughly flung Hexi’s petite body away from itself. Next, it released a stream of rock-corroding venom.

Throughout his long life span, he had never seen such a brazen tiny human! While he was in the middle of cultivating this human had not only stolen all of his Golden Bodhi Fruit, she had even stolen the entire Golden Bodhi Tree! For this crime she deserved to die ten thousand deaths! She thought she could injure me, the King of Pythons with just her small dagger, what a joke…

The Golden Python abruptly stopped shaking its head, while pain and shock were visible in its eyes.

The small scratch that Hexi had made, in a speed visible to the naked eye, suddenly started to rot and turn grey. Next, the eyeball itself began to blacken and shrivel up until finally, all that remained was an empty eye socket.

The Golden Python had been rolling around on the ground in non-stop pain, yet suddenly, a powerful wave of spiritual power unexpectedly burst out of its body. At the same time, the Golden Python’s tail swept towards Hexi.

Hexi was still dizzy from being previously thrown off, so unfortunately, she was too late to dodge the tail. When the Golden Python’s tail filled with strong spiritual power knocked into her, her body immediately flew into the air, before heavily crashing against an ancient tree.

She felt like her internal organs were in so much pain from being shaken about, that she couldn’t breathe. And as blood trickled out from a corner of her mouth, it slowly dripped down onto a jade ring.

That jade ring was the thing that Dandan had received from the old beggar man, and when Hexi’s blood landed on it, a glaringly bright light abruptly burst from her body.

Then, it was like the Golden Python’s swaying head suddenly hit a transparent screen. A loud bang echoed in the area, and the Golden Python’s body severely flew backwards.

The next moment, an earth shattering dragon’s cry resounded over the entire secret territory; it was if an ancient legend had once again begun.


Hexi felt cool liquid flowing down her throat. This liquid was sweet and aromatic; once it entered her body, it instantly changed into strong spiritual power and flowed throughout her body. This in turn made the areas of her body that were burning hot due to pain immediately cool down and become comfortable.

“Mother, Mother, are you alright? Don’t scare Dandan~~”

Hexi drowsily opened her eyes, and the first thing she saw, was Dandan’s small tear-streaked face.

In his left hand he held a slice of Golden Bodhi Fruit, and in his right, he held a cup of spiritual spring water. It was apparent that he had been feeding her both as he tried to see which one could save his Mother.

Hexi slowly stood up and discovered that she was actually in her space. The Golden Bodhi Tree had now been planted in the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field, while the few remaining Golden Bodhi Fruit had become plump from the nourishment of such rich spiritual energy.

After checking her own body, she found that the injuries she sustained due to the Golden Python’s attack had now completely recovered. Unfortunately, she didn’t know whether it was thanks to the effects of the Golden Bodhi Fruit, or the effects of the spiritual spring water.

The experiences this time in the secret territory had made Hexi become somewhat nervous. If she were to casually run into anymore spiritual beasts that were sixth rank or above, someone of her skill set wouldn’t be in any way equipped to handle them.

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