Chapter 213 - Greedy People

Chapter 213 - Greedy People

Nalan Manor.

At this moment, Nalan Zhengze was respectfully sitting in a seat slightly lower than an elderly man, quietly saying, “I’ve already received reliable information; this time, only Gold Core stage and Nascent Soul stage martial artists will be able to enter the Sealed Dragon Domain. Great Elder, we of the Nalan family hope to seize the treasures from the secret territory, and it’s only you who are able to help us.”

The person who Nalan Zhengze called Great Elder, was a long bearded old man. He looked about thirty five to thirty six years old, but his hair and beard were completely white, while his wisdom and high cultivation base were visible in his gaze.

This person was called Nalan Yanming; his cultivation base was currently the highest amongst the Nalan family, and he was also the Nalan family’s prestigious Great Elder.

Listening to Nalan Zhengze’s words, a cold, sharp blade flashed in Nalan Yanming’s eyes as he unhurriedly said, “The Ancient Pill Prescription, Primal Chaos Inheritance, Millennium Spirit Fruit; no matter which one, all are priceless treasures. As long as we can get these things, our Nalan family will be able to stabilise our place in Jin Ling Kingdom.”

“But, it’s not determined yet which expert will enter the secret territory. I’m afraid that I might not be able to take advantage of them.”

Nalan Zhengze slightly laughed, and fished out two bottles of medicinal pills from his chest pocket. “Therefore, I’ve prepared these two bottles of medicinal pills for Great Elder. One bottle contains Devouring Spirit Powder; it’s able to corrode the meridians and spiritual power of a Gold Core stage martial artist. And the remaining bottle contains a miracle elixir capable of stimulating Great Elder’s cultivation base within a amount of short time. Believe me, if you have these two bottles of medicinal pills, you will be able to gain the upper hand in the secret territory.”

Nalan Yanming’s eyes lit up, and he quickly took the two bottles of medicinal pills. Yet just as he was about to open the lid on one of the bottles, the ground suddenly started to violently shake.

Dust from the ceiling rained down on them, while the antiques on the shelf clattered loudly.

“What’s going on? The Earth dragon has freed itself?” Nalan Zhengze asked in bewilderment.

“Not good!” Nalan Yanming’s complexion changed, and his figure flashed as he dashed out of the room.

At this moment, the earthquake was becoming more severe. The street and public square filled with panic-stricken and shocked people.

They all looked in the direction of Cang Mountain; where there were continuous bursts of harsh light.

Inquiring voices could be heard here and there, while everyone wore an expression of dread.

Suddenly, someone pointed in the direction of Cang Mountain and shouted, “Look, what is that?!”

Everyone looked over to the direction that person was pointing in, only to see twinkling golden lights appear as The Door Of Emptiness slowly rose. Standing tall and imposing between heaven and earth, it was like a giant looking down at tiny ants occupying Yan Jing City.

“Secret territory...that’s the door to enter the secret territory!” Someone exclaimed, his voice filled with excitement. “Cang Mountain’s secret territory has finally opened!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Yan Jing City was immediately in an uproar.

The long heard about Sealed Dragon Domain and the legendary treasures found in Cang Mountain; both had been a hot topic these past few days. Just thinking of the chance to gain all the treasure hidden in the secret territory caused every martial artists’ eyes to shine brightly.

This kind of treasure, as long as one was able to take possession of just the tiniest bit of it, that would be a meteoric achievement in one’s career. Who didn’t have such a dream? Who didn’t long for such a great opportunity?

After only a moment's hesitation, a crowd of greedy people began to frantically rush towards Cang Mountain. Their eyes were shining brightly and a their faces were flushed; all of them deluding themselves with dreams of grandeur.


At the base of Cang Mountain, on the west side, a woman dressed in white and covered with a veil gazed at the groups of people rushing about on their Flying Swords from a distance. Her mouth revealed the traces of a cold sneer. “People are always easily blinded by greed and desire. Focusing only on possessing the secret territory’s treasures, they’ve forgotten that just based on their own ability that they would first have to make the unreasonable request of surviving in the secret territory.”

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