Chapter 212 - The Secret Territory Opens

Chapter 212 - The Secret Territory Opens

Benefit? Just for her to ‘benefit’ he had to send her to such a ghost place like this?

Hexi unhappily said, “Where am I? And why on earth did you send me to such an odd place?”

“Hahaha, such a stinky girl, unable to appreciate the value of things! Didn’t you see all the martial artists waiting outside Cang Mountain? They’re all rushing towards here,” The old beggar man laughed loudly, then continued, “That’s right, behind this door is the Sealed Dragon Domain; the secret territory that everyone is looking for! The greeting gift that this old man has given to you is pretty good, right? Go, quickly go inside and find your destiny!”

“The Sealed Dragon Domain is the secret territory?!” Hexi turned pale. “Smelly old man, didn’t I say that I didn’t want to enter the secret territory?! Hey! Oi!...”

She no longer heard any voice in her mind; only Dandan’s echoing sobs reached her ears.

Hexi’s mouth twitched, and after quickly sizing up that endlessly dark passage, she had no choice but to give up. So turning back around, she tried pushing the iron door open.

At first Hexi had thought it would be impossible to push open such a mountain-like iron door with only her own strength. But who would have thought just when her hand touched the carved pattern on the door, that a sudden burst of golden light would shine brightly before her eyes.

The entrance that was originally an unremarkable grey colour momentarily lit up, as if it had electricity running through it. All the carved lines on it were glowing a bright gold, lighting up the narrow passage she was in for a moment.

Dandan covered his eyes with his small hooves, and leaned against Hexi’s shoulder as he shouted, “Mother, we’re going to enter the door of Hell? Will there be a lot of ghosts inside?”

Hexi ignored him as she was watching as the golden light finally disperse, and the tightly closed iron door slowly open with a creak. In between the iron door, there was a gap only big enough for one person to pass through.

This time, Hexi no longer hesitated as she directly stepped forward and walked through the gap.


Since Hexi had now entered the secret territory, she was unaware that the moment the iron door had opened, the once quiet Cang Mountain suddenly issued a violent rumble, followed by the entire mountain peak shaking.

Countless crushed stones tumbled from the top of mountain, while beasts incessantly stampeded and ash rained down from the west side of the mountain. Abruptly, an innumerable number of golden lights exploded into the sky.

Moreover, following Cang Mountain’s non-stop shaking, these rays of light continued to spread until they completely covered all of Cang Mountain.

At the base of Cang Mountain, all of the calmly waiting martial artists sitting in meditation soon started a commotion, one by one standing up to take a look.

Only, they were shocked to see that erupting out of Cang Mountain were thousands of golden lights, and slowly, a pale golden arched door was revealed in the lights. The peak of that arched door extended higher than they could see; standing tall and proud, it seemed to reach through the clouds.

This door was so eye-catching and humongous, that people within several hundred kilometres of it could see its presence.

"What’s going on here?” All of the waiting martial artists’ faces showed their shock. "Why would a door abruptly appear at this time?”

“Secret territory...the secret territory has opened!” Someone exclaimed. “Quickly go and inform the Sect Elders, the secret territory has opened!”

In just a moment, the base of Cang Mountain erupted in complete chaos.


In Yan Jing Imperial Palace, the Supreme Emperor’s throne incessantly shook along with the Earth’s tremors.

On the throne, a middle aged man quickly stood up, his eyes staring at the dazzling golden lights in astonishment. “Someone come! What has happened?!”

“Answering Emperor, it’s Cang Mountain! Cang Mountain started the earthquake and The Door Of Emptiness has been raised!”

Cang Mountain? The Door Of Emptiness? Does this mean that the secret territory has opened? However, isn’t it too early?!

The expression on Shangguan Wen Ji’s face became one of uncertainly, and it was a while before he gravely said, “Immediately send people over to enter the secret territory and make sure to get all the treasures inside. Granted that if we can’t obtain anything, we absolutely can’t allow other people to obtain anything either, do you hear me?”

“Yes, Emperor!”

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