Chapter 210 - Fighting Over Food

Chapter 210 - Fighting Over Food

“Ahh! Such a waste, such a waste!” The old beggar man said as he watched the disappearing rabbit leg, flinging his beard around in distress. “I say Baby Doll, why are you so serious? No matter what you want to say, I’m still your Master! Presenting food to this old man as a show of filial respect is only proper!”

Hexi sneered, “When did I agreed to pay my respects to you as a Master? Stop speaking nonsense!”

“Ah, it won’t hurt you if you pay your respects to me! Why would you rather give your food to this guy, but not give any to me! It’s simply unfilial of you!”

After the old beggar man said this, he suddenly waved his hand in the air. Dandan, who had still been rubbing his belly, abruptly appeared being held by his neck by the old beggar man and hanging in mid-air.

Hexi instantly turned pale. Moving so fast her figure flashed, she rushed over to snatch Dandan back.

However, no matter how fast Hexi moved, she couldn’t even touch a corner of the old beggar man’s clothes.

While Dandan loudly cried, the old beggar man stroked his beard and laughed raucously. “Baby Doll, your innate skill is pretty good, but if you want to snatch this thing from my hand, then it’s still too early for you!”

The light in Hexi’s eyes slowly become icy cold, and closing them, she suddenly extended an arm.

The next moment, the old beggar man’s body was knocked down with a thump!

“Ooh, so you’ve landed the first strike! You unexpectedly have such a keen sense of intuition,” Even if the old beggar man was taken down, Dandan was still captured by him, only now, he was floating in the air. Watching Hexi with a satisfied smile, he laughed happily. “The more I learn about you, the more eager I become to accept you as a disciple.”

Hexi’s face was cold as she looked up and watched as Dandan struggled in vain in the air, and she said with a grave voice, “What do you want?”

The old beggar man’s face fell, and he pitifully said, “Baby Doll, do you still have any of that roast rabbit leg? I’ve been hungry for many days and I haven’t really eaten till full!”

Forget it! It’s just food anyways, she still has plenty more!

She’s a normal person, she won’t bother arguing with this crazy old beggar man!

When the old beggar man saw the food, how could he care about holding Dandan hostage anymore. “Who cares about paying respects towards a Master!” He exclaimed as he rushed towards the spread of food.

And so once Dandan fell from the air with great difficulty and saw that his precious food was now being eaten by someone, he immediately forgot his previous fear and furiously yelled as he rushed forward, “Smelly old man, you’re not allowed to eat my food! Mother’s food is mine~”

Hexi held her forehead in resignation. This brainless little pig! He really made her not want to acknowledge him as her spirit pet!

For a time, the old beggar man and Dandan began to compete in who could eat the most. So in the time it took to burn a stick of incense, the tablecloth that had been covered in food, was completely demolished by the pair. Moreover, most of the dishes were meat dishes!

The old beggar man rubbed his distended stomach and released a satisfied hum. “Having been able to eat such delicious food in this lifetime, this old man could easily die without regret now~~”

“The food that Mother makes, Dandan can eat it every day!” Dandan pointed his small butt towards the old beggar man and scowled. “In the future, only Dandan can eat it! I won’t give you any to eat!”

“Little guy, why’re you the same as your Master, so evil!” The old beggar man joked, yet as he examined Dandan, a trace of suspicion appeared in his eyes.

This pink little pig was apparently that girl’s spirit pet, but the aura emitted from this spirit pet was unusual. It appeared different compared with a common spirit pet; even he was unable to see through its disguise.

Although there were spirit pets able to speak on Mi Luo Continent, it was very rare for a spirit pet to have such a high intelligence.

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