Chapter 200 - Help You

Chapter 200 - Help You

What’s the matter with this girl?! She’s so stubborn that she won’t listen to anyone’s advice! Even the secret territory that made all the martial artists go crazy wasn’t tempting enough for her! She completely lacked any the end, was this girl normal?!

Hexi sneered coldly, and with an indistinct expression in her eyes as she watched the group of martial artists, she indifferently said, “I would like to see the secret territory and treasure, but compared to those things, I cherish my life more. Do you think that I’d be able to beat those people?”

The old beggar man wanted to say; but isn’t there still me as a Master?!

But when he heard Hexi continue speaking, he decided to keep quiet. “The things that I want in life, I will personally grab them. If I desire status; I’ll climb up step by step, what has been taken from me; will one day belong to me again, and if it isn’t mine; it’s useless to fight for it.”

Finished speaking, and without the slightest hesitation, she turned around and walked over to her small courtyard.

Remaining where he stood, the old beggar man stroked his beard. He then clicked his tongue and shook his head. “Baby Doll’s character is so stubborn! Doesn’t she have any ambition?”

“Just because you don’t want to let this old man help you, you think I’d listen to your words? Hehehe, this old man will help you. When the time comes Baby Doll, you’ll owe me a huge favour! You not paying your respects to me as a Master is delicious food...gulp~


As soon as Hexi returned to her courtyard, she was greeted with enthusiasm from Wet Nurse Chen, Xiao Li, and the others.

Xiao Li hugged Hexi’s arm, fondness shining on her face as she said, “Miss, why did you go out for so long, I missed you!”

“That’s right, Miss!” Wet Nurse Chen sized Hexi up, examining her clothes to see if there were any tears. “You’re a precious Eldest Miss! Even if you disguise yourself as a man, how can you stay outside overnight? If someone conspired against you and ruined your reputation, how would that be good?”

Inexplicably, Hexi recalled Nangong Yu’s shameless flirting and teasing. When she remembered that he had told all of Hell King Manor’s attendants to address her as ‘Princess’, a blush immediately creep up her cheeks.

After obediently listening to Wet Nurse Chen’s nagging, and indulging Xiao Li’s pampered child antics, Hexi took their pulses.

Xiao Li’s body was recovering very well. Although her lost tail wouldn’t grow back for a long time, the spiritual power within her body was abundant, and she no longer needed to worry that her identity would be discovered by people.

Moreover, seeing her rosy complexion, the happy smile on her face, and her continuous chatter, with one look anyone would know that her life in Hexi’s courtyard was very good. Her whole countenance was far more cheerful than previously, and she was no longer that shy, pale little girl who would hide behind her Brother.

As for the condition of Wet Nurse Chen’s body, that was a little bit more complicated. After all, it’s an old illness, and added with the fact that she hadn’t been able to cultivate these past few years, all of her meridians had long since dried up! Therefore, for her to restore all of her lost strength, she would require a long period of rest. However, her dantian had already begun to accumulate spiritual power, so she would soon reach the third rank of Qi Refining stage.

Wet Nurse Chen wiped her tears, sighing with sorrow. “Miss, your medical skills are really amazing. This old servant never thought that she would be able to cultivate in this lifetime ever again! This must be Madam’s soul in heaven blessing and protecting you. the future, you might possibly marry a good person, then when the time comes that I go to the underworld, this old servant will be able to inform Madam.”

Hexi couldn’t even force out a bitter laugh. Doesn’t Wet Nurse Chen know that following in the wake of cultivation, a person’s body will become younger? Yet she’s already planning what she will inform Madam of when she arrives in the underworld!

Although the people around Hexi nagged and worried, it was all done out of concern and care for her. In her past life, Hexi had never experienced these kind of emotions aimed towards her before. It caused her to feel an indescribable fondness for these people.

After dismissing Wet Nurse Chen and Xiao Li, Hexi summoned Xi Jia. When he arrived, she then fished out a pill and gave it to him.

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