Chapter 2 The Good Quality Furnace

Chapter 2 – The Good Quality Furnace

Space tore, galaxies reversed.

Here in Yan Jing City, a most famous and outstanding place is located, ‘Gluttonous House’. All kinds of sensual pleasures were vividly and thoroughly displayed.

Inside a golden cage, there was a thin and weak little girl. She trembled in fear as she was surrounded by men, who gazed at her with lecherous eyes.

“I had heard that this is a good quality furnace[1], but the appearance is a bit unpleasant to the eyes.”

The little girl in the cage had pale skin, a thin figure, and unresponsive, gloomy eyes. She could be considered to be a very plain girl.

A hand roughly extended into the cage, pulling the little girl’s hair, and forcing her to expose her face.

Uttering a pained scream, the little girl wailed as she sucked air in between her teeth, “Who are you? Why have you imprisoned me in this cage?”

The men heard what was said and burst into loud laughter, “Her voice is at least pleasant to hear, if she were shouting on a bed it could certainly melt the soul~.”

Among the surrounding people, a tyrannical looking man with a scar on his face, suddenly bent down and pulled the little girl over. This man didn't have any tender feelings for the fairer sex and harshly tore her clothes. His rough hands ruthlessly pinched her exposed, tender skin.

“Tsk tsk, though this body is a bit ugly, it actually has such soft skin and tender flesh. This father likes it!”

Another person laughed, “Old Jiang, you already have a lot of furnaces at home, don’t rob us of the chance to have one.”

“That’s right! The initial price is only one thousand yuan, I would like to raise the bid to one thousand five....”

The little girl’s eyes filled with fear. These men were gazing at her as if they were appraising an item, their actions were full of **** and roughness.

She screamed as loud as she could, “I’m a Miss from Nalan Manor, not a slave, quickly release me!”

The men on the scene quieted at first, before bursting into loud laughter.

“This shameless slave actually dares to say she is a Miss from Nalan Manor. Every daughter from Doctor Nalan is elegant and refined, they also have awe-inspiring innate talent. Don’t say that you, this lowly slave with an ugly appearance, trash with blocked meridians, actually dares to pretend to be a Miss from Nalan Manor. Don’t make me laugh!”

Someone pulled her hair to lift her up, laughing while tearing her remaining clothes, “Let me examine her first to see whether or not she is a jade annulus[2], then we can decide her price. She could be a broken-flower, withered-willow[3]. No matter what we do to her we’ll still be spending a lot of money to buy her, so either way it’s a profit for Gluttonous House.”

Once again everyone laughed, no one questioning the man’s actions.

At Gluttonous House they auctioned everything that one could think of. However, while there were premium products, they could actually end up being worthless trash.

Those premium products must naturally be looked after carefully. While the ‘trash’ that isn't up to auctions standards, if the guests find it interesting, they can feel free to look at it. If it’s bumped into or broken though, they will have to compensate with money.

“Don't touch me! Don't touch me! I really am a Miss from Nalan Manor!!”

The little girl’s eyes filled with desperate tears, but no matter how much she struggled and yelled, these beasts were still going to publicly humiliate her.

Her outer clothes were shredded and her skirt was pulled, revealing some of the little girl’s pale skin.

Her ears filled with the sound of the men’s cruel, lust-filled demonic laughter, seeming like the fierce fangs of a beast. The little girl’s faith and self-respect were totally destroyed.

The golden cage imprisoned her, giving her nowhere to escape to.

Instead of being humiliated or sold as a slave, she would rather die!

“Ah ah ah——-!!” Suddenly, the little girl rammed her head into the iron lock of the cage.

Blood splattered everywhere, the clanking of the iron lock echoing in the ensuing silence.

[1]Furnace — Essentially a bed warmer for lewd acts.

[2]Jade Annulus — Untouched, virgin.

[3]Broken Flower, Withered Willow — Fallen woman, no longer a virgin.

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