Chapter 197 - Reluctantly Accept You As A Disciple

Chapter 197 - Reluctantly Accept You As A Disciple

Hexi’s face twisted in anger, and when her body was free to move again, she threw a handful of Invisible Needles at the old beggar man.

The old beggar man dodged with an exaggerated movement while laughing mischievously. “Baby Doll, while your appearance is pretty good, your temperament, however, needs some work. This old man just wanted to test the level of your body’s innate talent, to see whether or not you had the qualifications to become my disciple. Ahh, it’s not bad at all! Your temperament, strength, and the outstanding innate talent that you already possess at such a young age; all are considered rare qualities in the Jin Ling Kingdom. Since it’s like this, this old man volunteers to tackle the difficult job of accepting you as my disciple!”

Hexi became enraged due to this smelly old beggar man’s nonsense. She had never before met such a shameless troublemaker who wanted to rush in and accept a disciple. What’s more, he even did it with an extremely reluctant attitude!

“Smelly old man, have you consumed so much wine that it's made you foolish? This young lady has no need of a Sect Master, and furthermore, I have no need of any type of Master! There’s no need for you to reluctantly do something you don’t want too, as I’m unwilling to pay my respects to you as a Master anyway!”

Finished speaking, Hexi turned around to leave without looking back.

“Hey, you undiscriminating Baby Doll, do you know who I am?!” The old beggar man angrily shouted at Hexi’s back. “Have you heard of the name Daoist Spiritual Master Xuan Qing before? Go to any random large sect in Jin Ling Kingdom and see which ones dare not worship me...cough cough, in short, you know, throughout all of heaven and earth there are many people who want to pay respects to me as a Master, yet I’m not willing to accept them! Today, I’ve given you a massive opportunity and have accepted you as my disciple, and yet Baby Doll, you, you would actually dare to ignore me!”

The old beggar man proudly spoke with his nose in the air, waiting for Hexi to return and beg to be his disciple.

However, when he glanced in her direction, what was reflected into his eyes was the little girl’s retreating figure as she walked further away into the distance.

The old beggar man was stunned. He didn’t expect that he, someone who was born many years ago, would actually have to sell himself as a Master, and yet would still be refused!

This Baby Doll didn’t have any foresight, she was simply unable to tell the good from the bad!

However, when he thought of that endlessly good wine, and remembered the name of food he had never heard of before; squirrel mandarin fish...‘gulp’. Swallowing his saliva, the old beggar man promptly tossed the dignified manner of a Master to the back of his mind, and not caring about his image, he chased after her.

“Hey, Baby Doll, is it because you don’t believe in my skills? How about this old man demonstrates them for you?”

“I won’t move either my hands or my feet, and you see if you can land three hits on me! If you can’t touch me, you lose. Would you then pay your respects to me as a Master?”

“Baby Doll, do you know how many benefits you’ll gain if you follow me? In the future, all of Mi Luo continent’s handsome bachelors will line up and follow you. No matter how many of them you want, Master will give them all to you…”

The whole time they were walking, Hexi felt like there was a fly continuously buzzing in her ears. This behaviour of nonstop chatter and bargaining, which was completely unlike the usual composure of a Master, was similar to the multi-level marketing schemes from her past life.

Hexi was now beginning to wonder if her initial perception of him was wrong. In fact, she was now starting to think that he wasn’t an expert Sect Master, and that he was just a genuine crazy man!

As they made their way through Yan Jing City, Hexi took note of Yan Jing City’s current situation.

She discovered that after the spiritual power vortex had brought misfortune to the city, these past few days, the city had slowly recovered from its shock. Now a small number of people were starting to talk and guess about that unusual phenomenon, while the rest of the population were equally concerned and excited about exploring Cang Mountain to find where the secret territory was located.

This situation, while it wasn’t the greatest, was enough to make Hexi sigh in relief. If someone had been able to track the spiritual power vortex, there was a chance that it could lead back to her in the future.

Like an ordinary person that was falsely charged with a crime, perhaps she would unexpectedly encounter a variety of martial artists that would attack her from all sides. Or worse, they could try to use her for strange research and experiments!

Even with all this, there was still one thing that caused Hexi to be in an excellent mood.

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