Chapter 196 - Tantalising Wine

Chapter 196 - Tantalising Wine

As the old beggar man’s implication fell, Hexi felt the spiritual power within her body suddenly freeze. She didn’t feel any obvious spiritual power pressure, yet her limbs were pinned in place, and she was unable to take even a single step.

Hexi’s complexion changed greatly, feeling somewhat helpless before this shameless old scoundrel.

If she didn’t compensate him with wine, maybe he really would turn her into a maiden girl.

She unhappily said, “Okay, so it’s just a broken bottle of wine, right? So if I just compensate you it’ll be okay?”

“Stop trying to fool me!” The old beggar man in no way trusted her. “Do you know where divine wine can be found? Which spiritual kitchen has a master vintner?”

“Why should I know that?” Hexi sneered. “I only know that the wine I ferment is a hundred times better than your spilled divine wine. If you don’t believe me, release me and I’ll immediately bring it out and give it to you!”

The old beggar man was stumped for words and stared blankly at Hexi. Slowly, suspicion crept onto his face. “Baby Doll, don’t think that you can deceive this old man.”

With that, his eyes flashed, and Hexi felt movement return to her limbs again.

With a calm and collected face, she fished out a jug of her potent wine from the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring. This wine was an imitation of Chinese white wine from her past life, and since it was made with the spiritual fruit from her space and diluted with spirit spring water, an ordinary person would become completely drunk with only one cup.

Hmph, it’s best if you drink till death old man!

The old beggar man had originally believed that Hexi was only talking big, as after all, even the top spiritual kitchen in Mi Luo continent didn’t necessarily have a master vintner. She was just a little teenage girl, how would she able to ferment good wine?

However, when Hexi’s hand held out a small black wine jug, the old beggar man’s expression suddenly changed.

From where he stood, he inhaled and tried to smell the contents of the wine jug, then he deeply inhaled again. His muddy eyes immediately lit up, and his gaze focused on the wine jug with such concentration, that it was like he was trying to burn a hole through it.

It was covered with a lid and yet he could already smell the potent tang of alcohol...if the lid was removed so that he could drink the wine…

‘Gulp’, the old beggar man sucked in an exaggerated breath. As fast as he could, he snatched the wine jug from Hexi’s hand and opened the lid.

For a moment, a strong fragrance mixed with spicy undertones assaulted their senses. The scent of Hexi’s handmade wine overpowered the fragrance of the spilled divine wine in the alley, as it was far more potent.

The old beggar man hurriedly held the wine jug to his lips and swallowed a few hearty mouthfuls. He couldn’t help but laugh loudly. “Such potent wine! This is truly a superb wine, I’ve been claiming in vain to be a wine connoisseur, and yet the divine wine that I drank is simply plain bath water compared to this!”

Hexi was too lazy to watch the smelly old beggar man go crazy with his exuberance, and since the debt between them had been settled, she turned around to leave.

When the old beggar man saw that she was about to leave, he suddenly shouted anxiously, “Hey, Baby Doll, don’t go! This wine is really something you fermented by yourself?”

Hexi coldly replied, “Yeah, so what?”

The old beggar man’s eyes shone brightly, and he swallowed down the saliva pooling in his mouth. “Then when you were threatening that woman, when you said something about squirrel mandarin fish, was that also true? Is the dish really so delicious?”

Hexi frowned, and asked with impatience, “In the end, what is it that you want?”

This smelly old man still hasn’t settled matters yet?

The old man smiled mischievously, and randomly grabbing at his straw-like hair, he licked the edges of his lips. “Baby Doll, I see that you’re still young, yet have courage, insight, and talented hands. Have you got any past experience? Have you paid your respects to a Sect Master yet?”

“Mind your own business!”

However, Hexi had barely finished speaking, when she abruptly felt a burst of formless spiritual power surround her. This spiritual power barrier didn’t have a murderous or threatening aura, but it caused her to be unable to move her body once again. Moreover, she had the terrible feeling that her entire body was being thoroughly examined.

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