Chapter 195 - Surprise Attack

Chapter 195 - Surprise Attack

Unfortunately Hexi had barely lifted her foot to walk away, when she abruptly felt a burst of coldness coming from behind her.

The next moment she sensed a strong force of spiritual power, honed into a sharp blade, heading towards her spine at the speed of lightning.

Without time to think, she removed her whip from her space. Rotating her body one hundred and eighty degrees, she used the momentum of her turn to firmly whip the weapon that was attacking her.

A ‘crack’ echoed down the alley, and the tip of the Bone Whip scraped against the ground, causing a burst of sparks to fly into the air.

However, the weapon that had been attacking her surprisingly disappeared without a trace, only to unexpectedly reappear swaying before her eyes.

Hexi’s mouth flattened into a thin line. She hadn’t expected that it would be a gourd bottle that was attacking her.

The gourd bottle was now swaying in the air as it floated before her, occasionally nodding forward, as if it was mocking Hexi for her incompetence.

Hexi glared at the old man. “Didn’t you just say that you and her weren’t partners?”

The old beggar man scratched at the louse on his head, and while laughing mischievously, he said, “Of course this old man isn’t her partner! But you wrongly accused me Baby Doll, and if I don’t do anything as payback, then how could this old man have any face!”

As Hexi’s expression sank, she turned around to escape by using her Evade Technique.

Unfortunately, even though her movements were fast, the gourd bottle ended up being faster than her. Practically every time she would try to use her Evade Technique to leave, the gourd bottle would completely intercept her.

When Hexi used her Bone Whip to attack, the gourd bottle would dodge and withdraw to a safe distance, swinging its rotund body as it continued to ridicule her efforts.

Hexi’s eyes slowly hardened. It seemed like the gourd bottle was able to clearly read her mind, as it was able to predict her every action.

Since there was no way to guess what her opponent’s first strike would be, she could only catch him off guard with a surprise attack.

With her next course of action planned, Hexi pretended to use her Evade Technique, and sure enough, the gourd bottle went to attack her with a strong amount of spiritual pressure. Yet Hexi not only didn’t stop this time, rather, she suddenly she released all of her spiritual power. So without retreating, and instead continuing forward, her whole body was like a sharply honed blade as she dashed towards the gourd bottle.

In a split second Hexi’s whole body released a bitingly cold, murderous aura, that could cause people to tremble.

The old beggar man’s expression abruptly changed. Originally he had had the look of one watching a good play, but now he was slightly startled as he stared blankly at Hexi. And due to his absent-mindedness, the gourd bottle’s attacks halted and it froze in midair.

With a loud ‘crack’, the gourd bottle was split in half by the Bone Whip, before it then shattered into hundreds of small pieces and fell to the ground.

This caused the spiritual wine inside to cascade out, permeating the air of the alley with the smell of wine.

The old beggar man stared blankly once again, then immediately rushed over to the gourd bottle in distress. As he reached the puddle of wine, he repeatedly walked around it as he breathed in the fragrance of wine. “Ahhh, my wine, my divine wine! You must be a girl who’s unable to tell the difference between good and bad! Do you know that this wine isn’t easy to get?! Only after trading away a thousand treasures was I finally able to get this small amount! Did you know, that throughout all of Yan Jing City there isn’t a second bottle?”

Hexi raised her nose into the air, disgust promptly revealing itself on her face.

What divine wine? According to what she had seen, calling it imitation wine would be good enough!

It could in no way come close to matching the spiritual wine that she currently had fermenting in the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring. When she thought of the fruit wine that she had brewed in her past life, she knew that even the taste of this wine was incomparable to that. Apart from the small amount of spiritual energy that the spilled wine had held, what was so special about it?

Furthermore, being unable to find another bottle in all of Yan Jing City? Why not just say that you hadn’t seen another one in the whole world!

The old beggar man grabbed Hexi’s shoulders and yelled, “I don’t care! Baby Doll, it’s you who knocked over my wine, so quickly replace it as compensation. Otherwise, I’ll finish you!”

Hexi’s complexion turned black and she glared at him. “What do you mean, you smelly old man! It was obviously you who attacked first, so why I should I compensate you?”

“I don’t care!” The old beggar man was furious. “You had better compensate me for my precious divine wine! If you don’t, then in the future, you can just become my little maiden girl[1]!”

[1]Similar to the concept of child angels in the west, maiden girls and boys are children who serve the deities in heaven or temples.

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