Chapter 188 - An Exceptionally Pleasing Pair Of Jade Annulus

Chapter 188 - An Exceptionally Pleasing Pair Of Jade Annulus

Hearing this Zi Yan raised her head, and sure enough, there was Hell King. With Nangong Yu’s tall, handsome, and straight figure before them, she immediately became overjoyed and said, “Miss, sure enough, Hell King personally came to welcome you! Only you are lucky enough to receive this privileged treatment!”

When Zi Yan said this, she purposely raised her voice, not forgetting to occasionally throw contempt-filled looks at Hexi. She did this like she was informing Hexi of the offence she had committed towards a respected person.

A corner of Hexi’s mouth raised as she noticed that Ice Lotus Fairy had already stepped forward, her beautiful eyes filled with worry as she looked at Nangong Yu. “Brother Yu, I heard that you were sick, are you feeling better now?”

The moment Nangong Yu saw Ice Lotus Fairy, the expression in his eyes was no longer indifferent, even his tone became slightly gentler. “Lian Ying, why did you come here?”

Ice Lotus Fairy took out a porcelain bottle as she said, “Eldest Brother wanted to discuss something with you, and since I was worried about your health, I volunteered to help him by coming over with the information myself. This is medicine that was personally refined by my Master, I think this’ll certainly be useful for you.”

Nangong Yu didn’t receive it, rather, his fathomless eyes glanced towards Hexi. “No need, I have my personal doctor.”

“Although Zhu Que’s medical expertise is excellent, it can’t compare to my Masters. Brother Yu, it’s better that you accept this medicine, don’t let Xin Er worry about you a thousand miles away.”

“It’s not Zhu Que,” Nangong Yu sneered faintly. Yet when he saw the pitiful way Ice Lotus Fairy was looking at him, he gave in and accepted the bottle of medicine.

But his stare stayed on Hexi the whole time as she stood not too far away, and he explained, “My personal doctor’s skills are extremely outstanding. Lian Ying, in the future you don’t have to worry me.”

Ice Lotus Fairy followed Nangong Yu’s gaze, the arrogant and rude boy’s figure entering her sight.

She frowned slightly. This youngster’s cultivation base is only Qi Refining stage, so how could he be a doctor? “Brother Yu, is this your new attending medical doctor?”

Doctor and attending medical doctor; although there was only an additional two words, their positions were as different as heaven and earth. Attending medical doctors normally had a low cultivation base, and could usually only do unskilled work, such as nursing. They weren’t proficient in the fields of refining and treatment, so therefore their status was naturally not high at all. Large common households who couldn’t afford a high rank doctor, would instead hire an attending medical doctor to ensure the health of their family.

Ice Lotus Fairy examined Hexi’s cultivation base, and upon discovering that she was just a mere Qi Refining stage martial artist, she naturally suspected that Hexi was just an attending medical doctor.

Hearing what was said Nangong Yu laughed quietly, then helplessly said, “An attending medical doctor? I wouldn’t trust one.”

Not to mention, which attending medical doctor would dare to not give their Master face?

When the Ice Lotus Fairy heard the loving tone in Nangong Yu’s voice, her graceful eyebrows wrinkled. This was the first time that she had heard Brother Yu speaking in this tone.

Standing at a distance, Hexi watched the two people looking at her expectantly and talking softly. Her face was calm and tranquil, completely unmoving. However, her eyes flooded with a cold light.

With such a distance, if she were to use her internal energy to eavesdrop, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand the content of their dialog.

However, she didn’t want to, because this had nothing to do with her.

She had originally wanted to distance herself from Nangong Yu, wanting to clearly distinguish the gratitude and resentment between the two of them, helping them to having nothing to do with each other.

Now that she knew he had a future Princess, wasn’t that good?

Watching from a distance, the two people were picturesque between the shady trees and blossoming flowers. They resembled a pair of jade annulus, exceptionally attractive.

Zi Yan’s voice suddenly interrupted from the side, filled with pleased laughter. “Boy, do you see it now? His Highness Hell King never lets other people get close easily, but our Young Miss is an exception. In all of Hell King Manor, who doesn’t know that my Young Miss will become Hell King’s future Princess. How is it, aren’t His Highness Hell King and my Young Miss very well matched?”

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