Chapter 187 - Ice Lotus Fairy

Chapter 187 - Ice Lotus Fairy

The woman dressed in purple furiously said, “My Young Miss comes from the Feng family! She’s the young Clan Head of the Liu Li sect, known as the Ice Lotus Fairy. Country bumpkin, don’t say that you don’t even don’t know that Liu Li sect is one of the four greatest sects in Mi Luo continent? Even here in Hell King Manor Qing Long, Bai Hu, and the others must respectfully salute my Young Miss when they see her. It’s an honour that a no-name rude boy such as yourself is able to appear in front of my Young Miss, yet you actually don’t know the difference between good and bad!”

Hexi slightly narrowed her eyes. She despised it the most when people had such an arrogant manner when speaking to her. “If you like to kneel and lick the boots of others’ that’s your choice! It would be better if you didn’t provoke me!”

The woman dressed in purple didn’t expect that after she had explained, that this young man would unexpectedly not only not express any fear, his manner would instead become more unrestrained. She couldn’t help but be furious as she said, “You know, my Young Miss not only has an exquisite appearance, she will also be the future Princess of Hell King Manor. Since you dare to be rude to my Young Miss in Hell King Manor, are you not afraid of His Highness Hell King cutting you to into eight pieces?!”

The future Princess of Hell King Manor?

A sharp coldness flashed in Hexi’s eyes, while her heart felt like it was being scratched by something. Anger and annoyance surged forth from her chest, making her want to commit murder.

But on the surface she only exposed an indifferent smile. “So, as it turns out it’s the future Princess...but even if it’s Hell King’s Princess, what does that have to do with me? I’m not one of the people from Hell King Manor!”

Finished speaking, she turned around to leave.

Anger flashed across the face of the woman dressed in purple, causing her complexion to turn an unsightly shade of red, while her body violently trembled. With a “swish”, she pulled out a Long Sword, and using the approximate force of a Meridians stage martial artist, she rushed towards Hexi to stab her.

Hexi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and seeing the sharp Long Sword flashing coldly in the sunlight as it headed straight towards her, a corner of her mouth rose in a smirk.

“Zi Yan, don’t be rude.”

Just as the Long Sword was about to reach Hexi, a crisp and gentle voice could be heard softly scolding in an imposing manner.

Immediately, the Long Sword headed for Hexi was like a kite with its string tugged. Stopping in mid air, it soon after floated back to the woman dressed in purple.

Zi Yan gripped the Long Sword in her hand, stomping her foot as she said, “Young Miss, this rude boy was extremely disrespectful towards you, how can you let him off without teaching him a lesson?”

Zi Yan’s eyes gazed at the crowd, and it was at this moment that it parted. A woman wearing a long white muslin skirt slowly separated herself from the huddle of people.

When Hexi saw this woman, she felt like there was something glaringly bright before her eyes.

Her appearance was elegant and refined, and with a slender and graceful figure, it seemed like she was so attractive that she didn’t belong to the mortal realm, especially with her graceful and noble aura. It made her resemble a flower on a high mountain; too far away to be disrespected and played with.

While Hexi was sizing up the woman dressed in white, the other party was also examining her. Studying Hexi’s exquisite and elegant face that looked like it was crafted by the heavens, the eyes of the woman dressed in white flashed with a trace of darkness.

But, when Hexi realised that the woman had only glanced at her for a moment before turning away and dismissing her, Hexi felt like she was just a jumping clown, unworthy of the woman’s attention. This kind of arrogance made Hexi very uncomfortable.

“Young Miss~ Just let me teach this rude boy a proper lesson, okay?” Zi Yan moved to Ice Lotus Fairy’s side, half to appeal, and half to act coquettishly.

Suddenly, a graceful and arrogant smile appeared on Ice Lotus Fairy’s face. “Zi Yan, when all is said and done, we’re currently in Hell King Manor. Even if you want to teach this rude boy a lesson, it should be up to Hell King Manor’s people to undertake it...isn’t that right, Brother Yu?”

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