Chapter 183 - Refining A Spiritual Supplement Pill

Chapter 183 - Refining A Spiritual Supplement Pill

Because of the spiritual power, the spiritual herbs placed in the furnace were engulfed by the spiritual fire in an instant.

This prescription was for the simplest Spiritual Supplement Pill. It was listed as a first rank medicinal pill, and was the best type for Hexi to practice refining.

Gathering her spiritual energy, she opened her spiritual eyes. Using them to then examine what was occurring inside the furnace, she discovered that the spiritual herbs had already begun to slowly mix with the spiritual fire.

Unfortunately, they weren’t mixing well. Some areas had already melted, while certain areas of the spiritual herbs were untouched.

However, if this were to continue, then wouldn’t this affect the attributes of the medicinal pill?

But if she was able to stir it, then wouldn’t it be just like when she decocts her herbal medicine?

Thinking this, she focused, and driving her spiritual power into the boiling furnace, she wrapped up the spiritual herbs, and continuously stirred the remaining herbs slowly.

And when the spiritual fire wasn’t strong enough in some places, she used her Divine Sense to split her spiritual power. Dividing it into strands, she then poured it into the spiritual fire so that the herbs were able to cook evenly.

This is like when you lit a fire for cooking; when the fire wasn’t big enough, that’s when you added more firewood.

Hexi felt that this was very simple reasoning, yet this kind of technique wasn’t written in the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture. However, she thought that perhaps the techniques documented were the only ones ancient doctors could think of to refine medicinal pills.

Yet what Hexi didn’t know, was that this small action would greatly change this batch of medicinal pills’ attributes, causing her to be very surprised.

After an hour passed, Hexi discovered that the herbs inside had dissolved completely.

So after wiping off the sweat on her forehead, she replenished herself by drinking a bit of spring water. She estimated that with this speed, it would take about two to four hours to complete, eliminating her chances of success.

Fortunately, the furnace and the room was filled with strong spells used to help gather spiritual power, greatly reducing the consumption of Hexi’s own. Otherwise, if Hexi had to use her spiritual power for a few hours in a row, even if she continuously drank spring water, she still wouldn’t be able maintain that pace.

Once another two hours had passed, all the spiritual herbs had finally finished fusing, and above the grey furnace a dazzling golden light burst forth.

Hexi opened the furnace and a medicinal smell straight away assailed her nostrils, making her feel clear headed and relaxed.

At this moment in the furnace’s second layer, there lay a small, finger-sized grey-black medicinal pill. The difference between this Spiritual Supplement Pill and others, is that on this grey-black medicinal pill there were thin golden lines. And although they were very faint, they were still visible if you looked carefully.

Thirty Spiritual Supplement Pills...Hexi sighed. After refining for four hours, the result was only thirty Spiritual Supplement Pills. With such demanding work on her mind and body, this was all she had to show for it.

If word of this were to reach the ears of other refining masters, their spluttering would be able to drown Hexi. After refining for the first time and using the most common spiritual herbs, if a furnace producing thirty pills still wasn’t enough, then how would that group of people have lived?

But when Hexi worked out the cost of the Spiritual Supplement Pills’ materials and compared it to how much she could sell the pills for, she immediately beamed with joy.

Adding up the cost to produce the spiritual herbs for the Spiritual Supplement Pills, it equaled no more than ten crystals. So how much were the completed Spiritual Supplement Pills worth? One low grade Spiritual Supplement Pill would be worth more than a hundred crystals, while just one top grade pill could fetch more than a thousand crystals!

When looking at it this way...spending four hours on making them was totally worth it!

Three days passed very quickly. Throughout this time, Hexi studied the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture and practiced refining during the day, while during the evenings, she would meditate in her space and cultivate.

Now that three days had passed, all the porcelain bottles that she found in her space had already been filled with medicinal pills, and once those were filled, she even managed to find a large jar to store the medicinal pills in. Then, she placed them all inside the Spirit Firmament Palace.

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