Chapter 182 - Learning To Refine Pills

Chapter 182 - Learning To Refine Pills

He was afraid that when Master woke up and didn't see Princess, that he would be beaten to death by Master!

Hexi saw Qing Long’s expression, and right away she knew that leaving would be impossible.

Besides, it was because of her that Nangong Yu was in his current situation, and she had also promised him that she wouldn't leave, so she should stay.

Hexi pondered a moment before speaking. “Do you have a refining room here?”

“There is. Princess, the reason you're asking for a refining room is to…?” Didn't Princess say she couldn't refine?

Hexi said, “Bring me there. This time I will stay in the refining room, if there is something the matter, you can find me there at any time.”

Qing Long was puzzled, but he still bowed in agreement. As long as Princess agreed to stay, it didn't matter what she wanted to do, even if it was tearing down Hell King Manor.


Hell King Manor’s refining room was top-of-the-line, complete with every kind of tool anyone would ever need.

The room was about twenty square meters, with many runes engraved on the walls to help gather spiritual power. In the corner of the room there was an arrangement of shelves, these shelves were made using special materials; spiritual plants or spiritual beast cores could be placed on top of them and the spiritual energy wouldn't drain away.

In the centre of the room there was a grey refining furnace, probably as tall as a person, and shaped with a three foot round belly. The surface of the furnace was engraved with all kinds of talismans. In the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture, she had read that these talismans were special spells used to help gather spiritual power, greatly increasing the success while refining pills. The higher the level of the furnace, the more useful and complex the talismans would be.

Arranged around the furnace were several mats, and against one wall there was a long table and a simple bed. These were to be used midway through refining if the person needed to rest.

When Hexi arrived at Hell King Manor she had had a plan, and now she was eager to learn the refining techniques written in the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture. Unfortunately, it was too inconvenient to do it in her courtyard, and plus, she didn't have a refining furnace. So she since she was here anyway, she came up with the idea of borrowing Hell King Manor’s refining room.

In accordance with the directions written in the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture, Hexi began to slowly use her spiritual power. Focusing on fire spiritual power, she slowly condensed it as much as she could, until it finally formed a ball of golden spiritual fire on her fingertips.

As soon as the spiritual fire entered the refining furnace, the spells used to gather spiritual power around the furnace began to slowly ignite, gradually lighting up the whole furnace!

Hexi wiped the sweat on her forehead, feeling that the single action of forming the spiritual fire had drained almost all of her spiritual power. To help replenish it, she drank a big bottle of spring water.

Thinking of how much time and spiritual power went into just being able to condense a ball of spiritual fire, Hexi became anxious. With this little ball of spiritual fire, she would only be able to refine a small amount of pills, and she estimated that they would be second grade pills at most.

However, what Hexi didn't know, was that if other doctors could see her actions, their eyeballs would pop out from shock!

For a martial artist to achieve condensing a ball of spiritual fire for refining, they would have to at least be Gold Core stage! For an ordinary martial artist to be able to refine pills, they generally borrowed spiritual fire sources from nature.

Yet Hexi, who was currently only at Foundation Establishment stage, was able to accomplish forming spiritual fire!

And not only that, her spiritual fire wasn't the normal dark reddish-brown colour, rather, it was a high rank light golden colour.

This was simply against Mi Luo continent’s advanced refining principles!

Unfortunately, Hexi was unaware of this, as all of her knowledge on refining pills was coming from the Overflowing Cauldron Pill Scripture that Old Man Xumi had left. What was instructed inside was naturally what she practiced; how would she know that it was universally shocking.

And so after replenishing her spiritual power, Hexi took out the spiritual herbs from her space that she had prepared in advance according to requirement. Then, she wrapped them in a layer of her spiritual power, and threw them into the furnace.

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