Chapter 180 - Men And Women Shouldn't Touch

Chapter 180 - Men And Women Shouldn't Touch

“What compensation do you want?”

“Give me a kiss.”

Hexi’s mouth twitched. “Dream on, didn't you ever hear that men and women shouldn't touch?”

“Men and women not touching only refers to people that are unrelated right?” Nangong Yu smiled as he said, “You're this King’s wife, how can it be possible that we aren’t related? Not to mention, we’ve already kissed and embraced…”

As he said this, he leaned forward and brought his face closer with an expression of “I'm ready” on it.

Hexi wanted to laugh at his shameless. She really didn't know if this was his true character, or if it was because his illness had muddled his brain.

“Who is related to you? Stop imagining your love is reciprocated and showering your affection on an uninterested party, I'm not interested in you!”

Nangong Yu faintly laughed. He wasn't the slightest bit angry, instead, he only flicked the tip of her small and exquisite nose. “Hypocritical girl. Alright, if you won’t kiss me, then I'll a suffer loss and kiss you instead!”

Finished speaking, he held Hexi closer, leaning in to kiss her cherry red lips.

In response, Hexi pushed him away as she dodged, but who would have thought that once she pushed him, Nangong Yu would fall from his chair. And as he fell, his head knocked against the corner of a table, causing a loud bang to echo throughout the room.

Hexi was stunned. She hadn't expected that the usually strong and overbearing Nangong Yu would fall with only one push.

In fact, she had actually forgotten that her cultivation base was on the eighth rank of Foundation Establishment stage, while Nangong Yu’s body had been suffering for the last three days, causing his strength to be limited.

When Qing Long heard the loud noise from his position outside the room, he worriedly pushed the door open. Glancing around the room, he noticed his Master was unconscious on the ground, while Hexi was standing still with a look of bewilderment on her face.

With such a scene before him, Qing Long had suspicions as to what might have happened, but even if he wasn't sure, he was angered to think that Hexi would unexpectedly cause his Master to once again sustain an injury and lose consciousness. Thinking till here, his body immediately burst with cold power.

“You only came here to examine Master’s condition, right? No matter how much Master provoked or irritated you, was it enough for you to toss him aside? Don’t forget, Master is only in this condition right now because he saved you!”

Qing Long had always been habitually silent, this was the first time that he had become so mad he would start shouting out of control. For them, Master’s safety was the most important thing.

But Qing Long had barely finished scolding Hexi when he bowed his head, his gaze meeting his Master’s serene and deep eyes.

The emotion in his eyes flashed with a cold light, clearly projecting the words: “My Princess is someone you can scold? Are you courting death!?”

Qing Long felt the veins on his forehead twitch, cold sweat immediately sliding down his back.

The next moment, he could feel his three views[1] cracking…no! His three views had started cracking ever since his Master had first met Miss Nalan! He never could have thought that his Master would be willing to beat him to death over a woman!

However, Hexi was unaware of the secret communication happening between the two. Qing Long’s snarls had made Hexi become distraught with anxiety, and quickly walking forward, she went to examine Nangong Yu’s condition.

At this moment, Qing Long tactfully moved over for Hexi, purposely helping his Master to adjust his position and allowing him to be able to lean closely on Hexi’s bosom; his job as Hell King’s personal servant really isn't an easy one!

Hexi held Nangong Yu’s hand and began to examine him. Yet the more she probed for his pulse, the more anxious she became.

There were no wounds on Nangong Yu’s body, but his breathing was becoming extremely weak, his pulse erratic, and his veins were weakening.

Hexi was flustered, and although she didn't want to admit it, at this moment, she was really very worried about this man.

She was so flustered that it mixed with fear, fear that he really would leave her. It was so bad that even though she was trying to treat Nangong Yu, she was no longer able to maintain her usual calmness.

[1]Literally means three views and most commonly refers to one’s view of the world, life, and values.

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