Chapter 176 - To Find It Easily

Chapter 176 - To Find It Easily

Shangguan Rui’s eyes flashed bright, and turning to a guard at his side, he commanded, “Go find information regarding all the youngsters with the surname Xi in Yan Jing City for me, I want to know who that boy is.”

The subordinate quickly accepted the order and left, leaving only the angry, stomping, and cursing Shangguan Zhen Yue behind with Shangguan Rui. Shangguan Rui turned to glance at his sister and coldly snorted, a trace of disdain visible in his eyes.

This Royal Sister was doted on by Royal Father till she had become incompetent, she even had delusions of marrying Hell King. If she continued this way and went out of control once more, she will surely fall heavily one day. I just hope she doesn't ruin the hard work that Royal Brother and I have achieved.

At this time, the spectating crowd realised that nothing worth seeing would occur anymore and gradually dispersed. No one noticed that hidden in a shady corner of the street, a hawker dressed in plain grey clothing was fixedly watching Hell King Manor’s gate. The hint of a smile appeared at a corner of his mouth, and soon after, he released a paper crane into the air.

After a moment, the paper crane turned into a stream of light and landed in a courtyard. Sitting in the courtyard, there was an old man wearing white robes.

The old man took the paper crane, and once he glanced at the information written on it, his face immediately flushed with excitement.

After having travelled far and wide looking for something, it was found so easily! He hadn't expected that the young Genius Doctor they had been searching for for more than a month would actually appear by himself! Moreover, he appeared to be connected with Hell King!

Although Hell King’s involvement will make things a bit complicated, but for that secret meridians technique, his Jiang family would do everything possible to grasp control of this youngster.

The old man burnt the paper crane in his hand, and after pondering for a moment, he abruptly said in a low voice, “Quick tell Xie Chongming to come meet me.”

A subordinate accepted the order and rushed to comply, and not a moment later, Doctor Xie arrived still dressed in his refining robes.

Without waiting for Doctor Xie to open his mouth and inquire what was wrong, Elder Jiang had already begun to quietly speak, “The boy that caused you to kneel in defeat has already been found, you know what you should do, right?”

Doctor Xie’s expression hardened, strong hatred present in his eyes. But quickly covering it up, he lowered his head in a bow and said, “Elder Jiang, please rest assured. This subordinate will certainly discover that boy’s secret meridians technique, and I will personally present it in front of you!”


Hexi had barely entered Hell King Manor when she saw Qing Long, Bai Hu, and Wu Yu, walking together towards her to welcome her. Following behind them was the fourth rank doctor from yesterday, Old Qiu, who had discussed the Jade Fire Toad with Hexi. After confirming that Nangong Yu’s safety wasn't in danger, Wu Xin and Xuan Wu had returned to their respective posts.

So at this time Qing Long, Old Qiu, and the other’s attitude had changed 180 degrees when they saw Hexi. They now treated her the same way they would a Bodhisattva.

Old Qiu’s face was filled with confusion as he asked Hexi, “Princess, this old man honestly can’t figure out why the withered spiritual plants, that are devoid of spiritual power, can still have a healing effect, completely unlike a medicinal pill.”

“Princess, what method did you use to neutralise the Yin Congeal Grass’ cold energy? Yesterday this old man kept trying to think of it until my head hurt, yet I was unable to come up with any methods. Princess, your medical skills are miraculous…”

“Stop--!” Hexi’s face stiffened and she interrupted his chatter, “Can you stop calling me Princess? Nangong Yu and I are not in the kind of relationship that you imagine us to be!”

Hearing that, everyone standing nearby paused. After staring at each other in dismay for a good long while, Qing Long finally coughed quietly while his eyes avoided looking at Hexi, “Princess likes to joke. All of us here in Hell King Manor have already personally witnessed your relationship with Master. Especially on the night the vortex appeared, when we opened the door of Master’s room, we all saw you and Master…”

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