Chapter 173 - Princess Zhen Yue

Chapter 173 - Princess Zhen Yue

Butler Nan lightly laughed, “My apologies Princess, this subordinate has already announced your visit to Master, but Master’s order is…that he still won't see you.”

“Impossible! How could Brother Yu not want to see me?!” Princess Zhen Yue was so angry her beautiful face turned red, her eyes full of rage, “This is definitely because of you, you old man! You didn't tell him clearly, quickly go back in and announce my arrival once again!”

Disgust and contempt flashed in Butler Nan’s eyes, yet on the surface he politely said, “Princess Zhen Yue, did you still not understand? Master’s intention is that he doesn't want to see anyone for the next few days, it doesn't matter who it is...they still can’t meet him. Of course, this also includes you and His Highness Third Prince!”

Princess Zhen Yue stared blankly in shock when she heard what Butler Nan said. Her long shapely eyebrows raised, and pointing her finger at Butler Nan, she cursed, “Wretched dog, who gave you the guts to speak back to us. Believe it or not, I'll report this to Royal Father when I get back, he'll cut your dog head off!”

Shangguan Zhen Yue is a princess born of the First Wife, the Empress. Since childhood, she had always been arrogant and wilful. She refused to learn any skills, remaining ignorant and incompetent, however, she liked to dance with swords. But still, she had no innate talent, so even though the Emperor and Empress found a lot of talent enhancing treasures for her, they only helped her to barely advance to the middle of Qi Refining stage.

Since she grew up worshipping strength, when she first saw Nangong Yu in the gardens behind the Imperial Palace, she was startled. After that, she kicked up a fuss about wanting to be married into Hell King Manor. Unfortunately, there’s no way Hell King would ever look upon such an idiot. Therefore, these past few years, this Princess who was spoiled by the Emperor had become the joke of everyone in Yan Jing City.

Butler Nan’s face remained emotionless, completely devoid of anger or happiness. Only the clear contempt in his eyes gave away what he was feeling as he indifferently said, “Please do as you wish, Princess.”

Princess Zhen Yue pulled out the sword on her waist, and a swish could be heard. But just as she was about to rush forward and give this rude old man a lesson, she was stopped by the Third Prince.

“Zhen Yue, don’t be rude.” The Third Prince’s complexion was also somewhat gloomy, but he understood Princess Zhen Yue’s temperament, and he was very clear on what the outcome would be if they went against Hell King Manor. Even though they were extremely angry, they had to endure it. Otherwise, it could hinder Royal Brother taking his position as the next Emperor.

The Third Prince turned his head towards Butler Nan, showing a tolerant and refined smile, “Zhen Yue is still young so she’s not sensible, Butler Nan, please don’t be bothered about her. We came on behalf of the Emperor and the Crown Prince in order to visit His Highness Hell King, not to create a disturbance. Unfortunately Royal Sister is impatient, and as a result she has offended Butler Nan. Please help us convey our goodwill to Hell King.”

Butler Nan slightly smiled as he nodded, “Of course. Princess is a treasure of this kingdom, how could this slave dare to hold a grudge against her.”

Even though his words were humble, his speech and demeanour however, were not the slightest bit respectful. Far from being servile, his countenance was one of haughtiness exclusively displayed by the people from Hell King Manor. As for the crowd watching this scene play out, they also felt that it was inevitable and to be expected.

His Highness Hell King had alone managed to beat back the Magical Beasts army, so even if it’s the Prince and Princess that came calling, so what? Without Hell King’s protection, let alone Jin Ling’s Imperial Family, all of Jin Ling Kingdom would have long been destroyed by the Magical Beasts’ troops.

Hexi’s heart lamented over Nangong Yu’s unique and unparalleled position in Jin Ling Kingdom. Then, slightly moving her feet, she unhurriedly walked towards Hell King Manor’s gate.

Butler Nan noticed Hexi approaching from the corner of his eye, and his formal smile instantly changed into one of enthusiasm and pleasant surprise. Quickly stepping forward, he started to say, “Prin…”

Hexi shot him a glare, and the intelligent Butler Nan promptly corrected himself, all while smiling, “Prince has already been waiting for a long time at the Water Pavilion. Young Master, please follow me.”

Hexi nodded, yet just as she went to follow him, she heard the somewhat gloomy voice of the Third Prince call out from behind her, “Hold on! Butler Nan, didn't you say that His Highness Hell King didn’t want to meet with guests? Then why is this boy…”

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