Chapter 165 - Nine Tailed Fox

Chapter 165 - Nine Tailed Fox

When Hexi inspected her surroundings, yet didn’t see Xiao Li, she couldn’t help but ask in surprise, “Where’s Xiao Li?”

It can be said that whenever she returned home, usually Xiao Li was the first person to pounce on her, acting like a spoiled child.

After hearing her question, Wet Nurse Chen’s face immediately changed into a grateful, yet worried expression, “Miss, you wouldn't know this, but it was thanks to Xiao Li’s actions last night that we can now be safe. But after that she shut herself in her room, and no matter what we say, she still refuses to come out. Miss, you better go and quickly see her.”

Last night, after Hexi had left to distract the assassins, Xiao Li, Xi Jia, and the others had been worried about Hexi, so they secretly snuck back into the courtyard.

However, they didn’t even see the single silhouette of a person in the courtyard. They only found Hexi’s room filled with blood, and an unfamiliar man’s body.

On one hand, they were frightened of someone breaking into the courtyard. While on the other hand, they were anxious about Hexi’s safety. They didn’t dare leave, so they could only wait in the courtyard, hoping that they would be able to see Hexi’s safe return.

Who would have thought that when they were waiting, the spiritual energy in the surroundings would suddenly riot. Normally, the spiritual energy at the base of Cang Mountain is scarce, so even the spiritual energy vortex couldn’t spread to here. Yet unexpectedly, the originally desolate Cang Mountain suddenly experienced a strange change, and a portion of tremendous power caused rare beasts to stampede down from the top of the mountain. Out of all the beasts hiding in Cang Mountain, a great number of them flowed like waves as if they were chased by something, frantically fleeing in disarray.

And that portion of tremendous power pouring down from the top of mountain also spread to their small courtyard. The moment it almost came into contact with the edge of the small courtyard, Li Si and several others puppets, as well as other servants waiting outside, died instantly without a peep, blood dripping from every pore in their body.

Just when everyone in the courtyard was in imminent peril, Xiao Li suddenly used up all her spiritual power to form an empty spiritual barrier, keeping them all safe in the courtyard. Although the force of stampeding beasts only lasted for a moment, in order to maintain the empty spiritual barrier, Xiao Li ended up vomiting out a big mouthful of blood. Afterward, she shut herself in her room and refused to come out.

Hexi arrived alone outside of Xiao Li’s room and knocked on the door, “Xiao Li, it’s me, can you open the door?”

In the room, the low sound of something banging could be heard, but soon after, silence. Then, a soft sobbing sound was faintly heard.

Hexi’s brows furrowed slightly, and gathering her spiritual energy into her hands, she placed them on the door, lightly pushing on it. Soon after, the tightly closed door easily opened.

Walking into the room in large strides, she saw Xiao Li crouched in a ball on the corner of the bed. Wrapped up in a quilt, not even her head was revealed, her small body trembling incessantly.

Hexi shut the door, and walked slowly to the bedside, “Xiao Li, come out and speak to me!”

Xiao Li’s body shook inside the quilt, and she tearfully said, “Miss, don’t come near me, I'll scare you...huaa...I don’t want Miss to hate me…”

Hexi frowned, wanting to remove the quilt. But just as her hand was about to meet the quilt, Xiao Li quickly dodged. With her body still shaking, her weeping became even more sorrowful and despair filled.

Yet just when Hexi felt helpless, Dandan’s childish voice sounded in her ears, “Mother, Mother, I smell a Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s scent, humm~ Is a Nine Tailed Spirit Fox’s meat delicious? Mother, roast it for me to eat?”

Nine Tailed Spirit Fox? Hexi startled when she heard this, immediately recalling the information recorded in the All Living Things Record.

The Nine Tailed Spirit Fox is one of the ancient beasts. The fox’s body is strong and full of vitality, each time it advances, it will grow another tail. Each tail possesses one kind of magic power, and once it grows all nine tails, it will have the power to turn the world on its head.

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