Chapter 162 - Jade Fire Toad

Chapter 162 - Jade Fire Toad

Nangong Yu laughed faintly, reaching out his hand in the direction of the Dream Travel Lamp. The Dream Travel Lamp then lightly floated up to Nangong Yu’s hand.

He gave the lamp to Hexi, gently caressing her cheek as he said, “Xi Er, these past few days I've been the cause of your suffering, leading you to being wronged. I didn't kill Zhu Que not because I mean to spare her life, but because her Teacher has her Life Lantern. If her Teacher were to know that Zhu Que had died, the Doctors Association will try to find out how, and it will cause you danger instead. Don’t be angry, okay?”

“I’m not angry!” Hexi spoke without thinking the matter through, pushing him back into the room.

Just a mere Zhu Que, of course she wouldn't take it to heart! Not to mention, all the weapons in her possession have yet to be fortified. Hmm, at the moment Zhu Que might not feel anything wrong with the wound on her head, but in a few days she will be in so much pain that she will wish she could die.

Hexi will naturally take revenge by herself on those she has hatred for. To use other people’s hands to get revenge for her is simply not her style.

After Nangong Yu returned to his room to rest, Hexi sighed. Yet just as she was about to leave, she was stopped by Qing Long and the others.

“Princess, may I ask, do you have a way to completely cure Master’s illness?”

Hexi stared blankly once she heard this, then the light in her eyes slightly flashed.

In regards to this problem, she had also been pondering over it, but when she was in the room before she had finally recalled something. After searching her memory, she finally found one type of poison herb that elicited similar symptoms to Nangong Yu’s.

In the All Living Things Record there is a highly graded cold poison, called Ice Star Seed. If absorbed, the Ice Star Seed would cause the Yin energy in the body to reach its peak, inside and outside, freezing and stiffening the blood and inner organs. For an ordinary people to take the Ice Star Seed, if the opposite object wasn't immediately found, it would be inevitable that the first time the illness flared they would die.

With these kinds of symptoms, it can be said to be a very similar situation to the cold poison in Nangong Yu’s body.

And in the All Living Things Record, it was recorded that the Ice Star Seed’s nemesis is the Jade Fire Toad. The Jade Fire Toad is different to common Yang objects as it is a kind of spirit pet. In itself it doesn't have a fierce Yang attribute, but its nature is to absorb cold energy, dissolving the cold energy without corrosion. Therefore, in the All Living Things Record, it was documented that people who suffered from the Ice Star Seed, as long as they kept a Jade Fire Toad by their side, every time the illness flared up it would absorb the cold energy, relieving any pain.

This process would continue until the effectiveness of the Ice Star Seed was depleted, then the illness will be completely recovered.

Only, was the cold poison Nangong Yu bore caused by the Ice Star Seed? She couldn't wait to discuss this because if she was able to procure a Jade Fire Toad, at least his body wouldn't receive such damage caused by continuously entering the Flame Cave, while the risks to his health would also be reduced.

Hexi hesitated a moment before answering, “Do you know what a Jade Fire Toad is?”

Jade Fire Toad? Qing Long and the others looked at each other in dismay, their expressions revealing their confusion.

Qing Long even called a fourth ranked doctor in Hell King Manor to come over. He was a grey haired old man, and although his rank wasn't as high as Zhu Que, his knowledge was vaster than hers.

But when he heard this, he also repeatedly shook his head, “Jade Fire Toad? What magic pill is that? This old one has seen all of the lists describing Mi Luo continent’s magic pills, but has never heard of that one. Young Lady, are you sure you haven't heard the name wrong?”

Hexi helplessly shook her head. It seemed that the things in the All Living Things Record really couldn't be found in this world.

Seeing Hexi’s helpless expression, Qing Long couldn’t help but to anxiously ask, “Is there no other way besides the Jade Fire Toad?”

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