Chapter 160 - New Appearance

Chapter 160 - New Appearance

Once Zhu Que heard this her face blanked, and she looked at Hexi as she screamed, “Impossible--!! How could she be able to cure Master?! Qing Long, you must have teamed up with that slut to deceive us!”

Qing Long frowned, yet before he was able to speak, Hexi had already taken a step forward as she faintly laughed, “Zhu Que, since I already have the results of Nangong Yu’s treatment, isn’t it about time that you fulfil your side of the bet?”

---If you’re truly able to cure Master, I will discard my cultivation base and henceforth no longer be a doctor!

Zhu Que’s eyes revealed her panic, and suddenly standing up, she quickly took out a light greenish Flying Sword. Glaring at Hexi with bloodshot eyes, she screamed, “Slut, you've obviously paired up with Qing Long to deceive me, and now you want me to fulfil the bet?! Dream on! Today I shall cut you to pieces, let’s see how you will use your fox charm face to seduce Master then!”

After saying this, her hand gripped the Flying Sword tighter as she leapt towards Hexi.

Qing Long and the others became anxious once they saw this. Yet just as they were about to help -- after all, Master’s safety is now dependent on Miss Nalan’s hands, they were stopped by Bai Hu. His eyes hinting at them to watch the play about to unfold.

Seeing Zhu Que’s sword thrusting towards her, a golden light suddenly burst from Hexi’s body. The golden light contained thunder and lightning, and as it let out a crackle and a rattle, the tip of Zhu Que’s sword reached Hexi’s body.

Zhu Que shook all over. Her whole body spasmed as if it had been shocked by electricity, and her hands and feet twitched for a moment, shaking like she was having an epileptic fit.

With just a few seconds pause, Hexi took out her Bone Whip, lightly and skilfully sweeping it over the top of Zhu Que’s head.

Ahh---!” Zhu Que screamed, and as her body retreated backwards, her hands quickly reached up to touch her head.

However, she didn't feel the soft fine black hair that normally graced the top of her head as she expected. Instead, she only felt the slippery feeling of blood oozing from her scalp.

Zhu Que became frightened, and lifting her head, she noticed that Bai Hu and the others were trying their best to restrain their laughter, while Nalan Hexi had a sneer upon her face.

Soon after, Hexi seemed to think of something, and returning the whip, she next took out a mirror. Facing towards Zhu Que, she unhurriedly said, “You must be curious about your appearance now, right? Here, take a look at your new appearance that I styled just for you, are you satisfied?”

Zhu Que trembled all over. The mirror reflected a somewhat aged appearance, while on the face there was a sinister, centipede-like scar. Above that face there was now no longer any neatly groomed fine black hair, rather, there was only a smooth baldness.

Ah ah ahhh---!!” Zhu Que let out a miserable scream, “This is not me! This is not me!”

“Slut…you slut, how dare you change my appearance to this?! I want you to die with me! I want you to die without a burial!”

Zhu Que’s eyes became blood red, her face exposing her insanity. All of a sudden, she took out a simple and unadorned lamp from her bosom.

The moment they saw that lamp, the expression on Qing Long and the others’ faces changed.

This seemingly unremarkable lamp was called a Dream Travel Lamp, a high level magical item given to her by her Teacher. This Dream Travel Lamp could only be used by Gold Core stage and above martial artists. Just one hit could completely deplete the spiritual power within a martial artist’s body. In case the spiritual power of the user was insufficient, blood essence could be used instead. But once used, it instantly made the opponent’s consciousness fuzzy, causing them to lose all ability to resist.

With such a dangerous magical item, Hexi wasn't the only one with an insufficient rank. Even Qing Long and the others were afraid that if Zhu Que used it, then it wouldn't just be Hexi meeting her end.

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