Chapter 159 - Complete Recovery In Three Days

Chapter 159 - Complete Recovery In Three Days

Nangong Yu’s eyes gleamed with a gentle happiness. She clearly knew that she couldn't tell people her secret, yet she easily told him!

Hypocritical little girl, still daring to say that she doesn't like him.

Hexi examined Nangong Yu’s body once again, to ensure that there were no remaining problems, and gave him a few bottles of spirit spring water for later. She then called Qing Long to enter.

After Hexi explained that there were some matters that needed her attention to nangong yu, she prepared to leave. No one could have guessed that Nangong Yu would suddenly grab her hand though, revealing a grief filled expression of abandonment towards her.

Black lines appeared on Hexi’s forehead. It was only after she had repeatedly said that she would come again tomorrow, that Nangong Yu reluctantly released her.

Qing Long followed behind Hexi to send her off, while secretly observing his Master’s calm and serene face. Comparing it to his pleading look a moment ago, he couldn’t help but shudder.


Hexi and Qing Long had barely left Nangong Yu’s quarters when she noticed Bai Hu, Wu Xin, Zhu Que, and the others, anxiously waiting outside the door.

Because Nangong Yu’s treatment had drained too much of her spiritual power, added with the temperature change of going from a blisteringly hot area, to a then cool and refreshing area, Hexi’s face soon became colourless and somewhat pale. Her exhaustion evident on her face.

Noticing her haggard appearance, Zhu Que was overjoyed, thinking that she had won the bet. With her brows furrowed and fierce eyes, she darted looks of hate towards Hexi while facing Qing Long, and in a loud voice said, “Qing Long, this woman is simply unable to cure Master, right? Now that Master’s treatment has been delayed, his body would have suffered more harm, so how will you bear the consequences?”

Qing Long slightly narrowed his eyes. He looked at Zhu Que with disgust, however, he has always lacked much expression, so it was impossible for people to tell what he was feeling as he said, “Zhu Que, you’re so hopeful for Princess to be unable to cure Master. In your eyes, is Master’s safety incomparable to your despicable mind?”

“Stop with your venomous slander!” Zhu Que screamed, then shouted hoarsely, “Obviously you easily believe that slut, placing Master in danger. You even still call that slut Princess, you must have fallen for her beauty and were seduced by her, right?”

A cold burst of spiritual power abruptly flashed in Qing Long’s eyes, and with his Long Sword suddenly unsheathed and in his hand, he ruthlessly struck towards Zhu Que.

Zhu Que only had time to feel immense spiritual power hurtling towards her, like a mountain of pressure on her body. This caused her fall to her knees as she vomited blood, her complexion becoming pale.

“…” Zhu Que’s voice trembled, and she vomited another mouthful blood that foamed, completely unable to say a word.

Wu Xin stepped forward as he anxiously asked, “How is Master’s condition now?”

Qing Long glanced at Hexi’s smirk, before faintly replying, “Master is already awake. In three days he’ll be completely recovered, I personally confirmed this when I saw Master.”

When Wu Xin and the others heard this, their expressions showed their relief. And with this burden lifted from their shoulders, the tenseness in their bodies instantly relaxed.

Despite Master being just a young man of twenty years old, compared to those of them who had lived for many years, it can be said that they considered him as a nephew. However, for the last few years, Master had used his unparalleled strength and intelligence to become the pillar of Hell King Manor and the Metal Qilin army. Without Master, it was likely that these people would be like headless flies without direction, incapable of knowing what’s proper.

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