Chapter 155 - Unrelated

Chapter 155 - Unrelated

It was like cold water suddenly doused the passion in her heart. In an instant it erased all feelings of addiction that had just started to sprout.

Hexi abruptly opened her eyes, vigorously pushing Nangong Yu away from her.

A loud bam sounded as Nangong Yu was knocked against the edge of tub by her firm push, and he let out a pained groan.

His complexion that had just started to regain a little colour, once again became deathly pale. Even his skin had once more become icy cold and transparent.

The room’s door was pushed open and Qing Long rushed in. Noticing that Nangong Yu was awake and standing, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Master, you're awake!”

Nangong Yu’s face was ashen, and without taking his gaze off Hexi, he coldly said two words, “Get out!”

Qing Long trembled under Nangong Yu’s snarl, and seeing that Hexi’s clothes were damp, his face blushed and he immediately rushed out.

Once again, Hexi and Nangong Yu were the only two people in the room. Yet this time, the atmosphere between them is no longer one of passion, instead, it was quite frosty.

Hexi felt a twinge of guilt as she looked at Nangong Yu’s pale complexion, and hastily stepping forward, she grabbed his hand and took his pulse. Her worry obvious as she asked, “How do you feel now?”

Nangong Yu, however, flipped his hand and grabbed Hexi’s small hand, tugging her in front of his body. His sharp eyes gazed at her firmly, as if he wanted to see through her, inside and out.

Hexi shuddered when she felt his cold palm, making her worriedly ask, “Can you let go of my hand? Let me help examine you!”

Who knew that Nangong Yu wouldn't only not release her hand, instead, his grip on her tightened. His voice gloomy with suppressed anger as he said, “Xi Er, a moment ago, you were enjoying my embrace, so why did you suddenly push me away? Who did you think of when I was holding you?”

Because he cared about her, he was therefore sensitive to the changes in her emotions. He had placed her in his heart and couldn’t stand for her to be possessed by anyone else.

In that split second before Hexi had shoved Nangong Yu away, he had been able to sense her sorrow, resentment, and rejection. What kind of experiences had she gone through for her mood to change so abruptly? For whom was she sad? For whom did she grieve?

When he thought that there might be another person in his Xi Er’s heart, Nangong Yu struggled to suppress the blood thirsty killing intent in his heart. If that person was in front of him now, without the slight hesitation, he would brutally dismember them.

Hexi startled, immediately shaking off his hand and snapping, “I don’t know what you’re talking about! You should quickly sit down and let me examine your condition. The medicine hasn’t entered your body completely yet, and if the cold now devours the heat, your condition will be worse than it was before. Do you wish to die?”

Nangong Yu remained unmoved. His eyes stared at her with a fixed gaze, as if he could see deep down into her heart.

Hexi became uncomfortable under that overbearing and stubborn gaze, but at the the same time, she could see Nangong Yu’s complexion becoming paler. In her heart she hated his overbearing attitude, as much as she hated herself for worrying so much about him. Thus, she angrily flew into a rage and said, “We're completely unrelated to each other, neither friends or family, at most we can be considered strangers. How was it strange that I pushed you away? I don't like acting disrespectful towards strangers, but it's only right that I resist. Or do you think I should welcome any man who I've only known for little more than a month?”

Nangong Yu’s face darkened, his beautiful eyes looking like they were about to ignite into flames. With a lightning fast movement, he extended a nimble hand and firmly seized Hexi’s waist, pulling her into his embrace. Grimly laughing, he said, “Haha, completely unrelated to each other, neither friends or family? So in Xi Er’s eyes, I am completely unrelated and only a stranger?”

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