Chapter 154 - Attempt For Success

Chapter 154 - Attempt For Success

Hexi suddenly jolted awake from her thoughts, and raising her head, she came into contact with a pair of fathomless eyes.

A corner of Nangong Yu’s mouth held a loving smile, while his gaze was gentle and soft as he looked at her. His bright eyes contained waves that promised to drown her.

Hexi felt like something was burning her so she abruptly withdrew her hand. But because she used to much force, she almost stumbled to the ground.

Alas, his charm is so potent that it was distracting her, where did her alertness as an assassin go? She completely hadn't realised that this guy had already awoken.

Hexi gave a low cough, and pushing down her embarrassment, she asked, “When did you wake up?”

A secret smile shone in Nangong Yu’s eyes, “When you were mumbling to yourself about how you would provide for me.”

“Cough cough cough…” Hexi choked on her saliva.

Hexi coughed several times, before she then raised her voice in embarrassment, “You heard it wrongly!”

What provide for him?! She wouldn't admit it, she absolutely wouldn't admit it!

A patronising expression appeared across Nangong Yu’s face, and reaching out a hand, he helped to gently pat her back while lovingly saying, “Mhm, I must have heard it wrongly.”

Hexi heaved a sigh of relief; at first she had thought that this guy was pretty good, she never would have imagined that he is actually black bellied[1].

But she soon heard Nangong Yu continue, “Compared to you providing for me, it's more likely that I'll provide for you instead.”

Hexi just blankly stared at him, “...”

She wanted to take back her previous thoughts. This guy, through and through, is a black sesame seed to the end!

Nangong Yu was amused by her rarely seen embarrassed and cute expression. His hand that had been patting her back slowly changed into a gentle stroking motion. Soon, the temperature between the two of them gradually started rising.

Unconsciously, Nangong Yu had already risen, unhurriedly approaching Hexi. His hot breath fanned across her face, causing the heat hanging in the air to become almost stifling.

As the two became closer and closer, their lips nearly touching, Hexi suddenly tilted her head, causing Nangong Yu’s lips to land on her soft cheek.

Panic appeared in Hexi’s eyes as she hurriedly stood up, “Silver Needles still remain in your body, it'll be some time before they can be removed. You shouldn’t move about and randomly tamper with them, be careful or else you will suffer.”

In actuality, there were only six Silver Needles that remained in Nangong Yu’s body. These needles were only there for slight adjustments, they didn't have any special effects. Yet Hexi herself was unsure of why she choose this moment to suddenly lie.

Seeing that she wanted to struggle free of his grasp, sharpness flashed in Nangong Yu’s eyes as the Silver Needles in his body abruptly flew out. His hands holding Hexi tightened, dragging her back into his embrace.

The two of them were still separated by the tub, yet their upper bodies were tightly entwined, causing the still wet Nangong Yu to dampen Hexi’s clothes, further reducing their distance.

Nangong Yu bowed his head, watching the girl in his embrace somewhat panic with a helpless expression. The emotion in his eyes flowed like hot spring water, soft and warm, and from his mouth he softly murmured, “You know that I want to kiss you, so...”

As his voice fell, he bent his head and kissed her deeply.

Hexi felt like her whole body was wrapped in a mass of fire; her lips, her breath, her blood, all were being invaded by an unfamiliar taste. The taste of this man was strong and overbearing, yet still filled with adoration.

Her mind became fuzzy and she felt that she would become addicted to this feeling, unable to extricate herself, unable to escape.

However, an image abruptly appeared in her mind, one of Lengye glaring down at her.

She heard that man say, “Since I can’t have you, then it would be better to destroy you.”

That man had been her life and death partner, the only friend and close relative she had acknowledged. Yet ultimately he had stabbed her in the heart with a dagger, laughing like a crazy man, “If you can’t be mine, then I will never allow anyone else to have you!”

[1]Black bellied = Two-faced

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