Chapter 147 - I Will Definitely Cure You

Chapter 147 - I Will Definitely Cure You

Qing Long promptly asked, “May I ask Princess to describe the details of the treatment plan?”

Hexi nodded, then listed out a series of herb names, “Jade Marrow Mushroom, Seven Red Cloud Lotus, Heavenly Spirit Fruit, Yin Congeal only need to find these herbs, that would do.”

Qing Long’s face immediately showed doubt when he heard what was said, “Yin Congeal Grass has an extremely strong cold attribute, if it's taken alone, taking too much can cause the Cold Poison to flare in an ordinary martial artist and they would lose their life. Currently Master’s Cold Poison has flared up, how can you…”

Hexi lifted her eyes, her gaze indifferent as she looked at him and lightly laughed, “I that said my treatment plan is different compared to other doctors, so the medicinal ingredients I use will also be different. If you don't have any confidence in it, you may refuse to employ it.”

Qing Long startled, momentarily hesitant as he requested, “Please allow this subordinate to discuss this with the others.”

Hexi nodded, “You had best decide as soon as possible though, with Nangong Yu’s condition it cannot be delayed. In another six hours, I can't be certain that I'll be able to save his life.”

With anxiousness on his face, Qing Long’s figure flashed as he instantly disappeared from the room.

Now, only Nangong Yu and Hexi remained in the room resembling a sauna.

Hexi quietly looked at the unconscious Nangong Yu, and after a moment of hesitation, she couldn't help but extend her hand, softly caressing his face.

Nangong Yu's slender eyebrows arched gracefully towards his temples, while the bridge of his nose is high and straight. He has thin and finely shaped lips, and long eyelashes that gently fluttered, casting faint silhouettes against his cheeks.

His skin is snow white, almost transparent, and under his thin skin it is almost possible to see faint blue-green veins, his aura fragile yet beautiful. Hexi will always remember that when those ink black eyes were open, they looked at all lands under heaven with arrogance, displaying a willfulness to all. How they burned like fire, with serene and hidden depths.

“Nangong Yu, the cold Yin object, was it your own blood?” She softly whispered in his ear, “You and I obviously only met by chance, so why do you go to such lengths for me?”

From when she was a child till now, if anyone around her was good to her, it was in order to take advantage of her. Squeezing her for everything she was worth.

So much so that finally, the partner who had braved fire and water with her, who had risked life and limb with her countless times, Lengye, betrayed her.

Such experiences had caused Hexi unable to believe anyone, unable to open her heart and accept anyone.

However, Nangong Yu’s conduct and deeds were making her originally sealed heart crack. On one hand, she wants to believe him, while on the other hand, she is afraid she is being taken advantage of.

“In any case, I will definitely cure you!” Hexi murmured, “Even if it was just you being kind, I will definitely will cure your illness completely.”

In fact, Nangong Yu’s current condition isn't that severe, so she is utterly certain that she can use ordinary prescriptions to suppress what ails him.

Unfortunately, what made Hexi afraid, is that she had used countless methods to check Nangong Yu’s body, but she still couldn't find the source of the cold energy within him.

Obviously there is no source, and also no sign of poison, but with the passage of time his body is gradually becoming colder, so much so that even his dantian is slowly showing signs of freezing. This caused Hexi to feel puzzled.

Apparently she wouldn't be able to find the cause of Nangong Yu’s illness in such a short amount of time, so currently the only thing to do is alleviate his symptoms, putting the discussion on hold until later and helping him pass this stage first.

Qing Long went outside to inform Wu Xin and the others the details of Hexi’s diagnoses, and her proposed treatment plan.

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