Chapter 145 - Cold Poison

Chapter 145 - Cold Poison

Standing beside Xuan Wu is a young man dressed in a moon white brocade robe, his features bright and handsome, while his expression resembled an ice sculpture. His imposing manner gave off a warning, keeping strangers from coming close.

Hexi’s intuition faintly told her that this person is more powerful than Qing Long. His temper seemed to be very cold and indifferent, yet she had no idea who he is.

When her gaze fell on the third person, she startled slightly. She has actually met this person before, yet he didn't leave a deep impression. He was the auctioneer at Gluttonous House, Wu Yu.

Wu Yu noticed Hexi's surprise as she looked at him, a corner of his mouth raising into a smile. Serene eyes with hidden depths made it impossible for people to guess what he is thinking.

Qing Long watched Hexi arrive, and without greeting her he immediately said, “You, come with me.”

In a flash, the door to the room was pushed open and Hexi followed him in. After barely entering the room, her senses were assaulted by a blast of heat.

Fine beads of sweat started to form on her forehead, and furrowing her eyebrows, she quickly used a small amount of water spiritual power to resist the heat. Only then was she able to feel comfortable.

Qing Long saw Hexi's body produce pure spiritual power, and his eyes slightly revealed his astonishment as he explained, “The Cold Poison in Master’s body has begun to enter his heart. We have tried everything we could think of to suppress it, but so far it's only helped a little.”

Walking around a corner, they came upon a large bed. Smoke filled the room, raising the temperature, and lying on the bed with the smoke wafting around him, is Nangong Yu.

At her first glance of Nangong Yu, Hexi’s eyes suddenly narrowed.

The man on the bed is only wearing a white silk robe, and with his hair undone, eyes tightly closed, his handsome appearance resembled a jade sculpture from afar. The inside of the room is clearly burning hot, yet his face didn't have the slightest trace of colour, instead, his white complexion seemed to be frozen and transparent.

Hexi had never seen Nangong Yu like this before.

In her impressions of him, Nangong Yu is always elegant, filled with demonic charm, a pervert, and completely ostentatious. But the Nangong Yu of this moment looks so fragile, as if he could break with just one touch.

Without waiting for Qing Long to present her, Hexi quickly stepped forward and grabbed Nangong Yu’s wrist.

So cold! Hexi’s hand shivered slightly. She is obviously holding a person’s wrist, but it felt like she was holding a piece of jade just removed from the freezer. And this kind of cold, as she is touching it, she had the illusion it was permeating into her bones.

Hexi focused, and using her spiritual power to slowly penetrate his pulse, she began to examine his body.

After maintaining this position for longer than it took to burn a stick of incense, her eyebrows started wrinkling tighter and tighter.

Qing Long’s expression as he watched her was anxious, like he was slowly being burnt. Several times he wanted to interrupt Hexi and inquire about his Master’s condition, but he was afraid that disturbing her treatment would be harmful to his Master.

Just when his patience had almost reached his limit, Hexi finally released her hand. Yet the wrinkle between her eyebrows still didn't loosen.

Qing Long quickly asked, “How’s Master? Can he be cured?”

If even this Genius Doctor Xi Yue that cured Ouyang Haoxuan is helpless, then they would have no other choice but to request help from an Elder from the Doctors Association, and that would be Zhu Que’s Master. But if this were to happen, then Master’s situation would be known by other people, and at that time, Hell King Manor would no longer be able to maintain it's transcendent position. This might also lead to Master attracting a fatal disaster.

Thinking about this, Qing Long’s hand that was gripping his sword firmly, tightened. His eyes gazing at Hexi unconsciously filling with a trace of hope.

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