Chapter 140 - Seeing Zhu Que Again

Chapter 140 - Seeing Zhu Que Again

What a joke, this is a treasure Old Man Xumi left! Maybe one day it would hatch into a divine beast, so if she let Dandan eat it, wouldn’t she cry to death with regret?

Dandan blinked it's big eyes towards Hexi, “I won't eat the egg. Mother, how about you take me out so we can eat together, I'll be obedient.”

Hexi’s brows raised. Staring at it's eye catching appearance, the corner of her mouth couldn’t help but raise, and shaking her head she said, “For the time being, no. There are a lot of bad people outside, if they catch and cook you, what would you do? You better stay in the space for now, I will bring you delicious food.”

Old Man Xumi had said that Dandan’s identity will trigger greed and desire in humans. Her current strength is too weak, how could she dare to casually bring this little guy out?

Once it heard that bad people would want to catch him, Dandan’s small antennae trembled with fear, leaving it no choice but to quit asking about going out.

Feeling aggrieved, it held the egg as it pitifully said, “Then Mother, you should quickly bring in food for me to eat, Dandan hungry~”

After saying that, it's small face rubbed against the eggshell. Hexi has good vision and noticed that when Dandan rubbed against the egg, a faint light seemed to be emitted from within.

Putting aside thoughts of the egg, she picked up the two strange pills and sniffed them. Yet without being able to figure out what they were for, and not wanting to randomly eat them, she tossed them back into a jade box, deciding to temporarily leave them for now.

Withdrawing from her space, Hexi let out a long sigh of relief, her mood brighter than it had been since she had awoken.

As expected, now that her strength is increasing and she finally has the ability to defend herself, she is at last able to feel a sense of security.

Touching her grumbling stomach, Hexi got up and walked out of the room. Yet as she reached the inner courtyard, she stared blankly as before her eyes is a gorgeous palace with an exquisite garden on display.

Just a moment ago when she was inside the room, she had noted the unfamiliar decorations and furnishings, but it wasn't until this moment, seeing this luxurious and noble residence, that she felt that her intuition was right.

When she was losing consciousness after being attacked by the assassins from Drought Demon Organisation, she vaguely remembered seeing a familiar face and hearing a grave voice in her ears that caused her to feel relieved.

Nangong Yu, that must have been Nangong Yu!

Hexi covered her chest with a hand and felt her heart palpitating incessantly, a grateful expression slowly emerging in her eyes.

If she's not mistaken, only Nangong Yu has the Yuan Yang Fruit, and only Nangong Yu knew how to unseal her muddled dantian. Moreover, when she was being chased, the imprint on her hairpin protected her from a fatal strike, so Nangong Yu certainly would have known of her situation.

So, he saved her life in the nick of time, as well as helping her unseal her dantian.

Thinking of this, Hexi’s footsteps accelerated. At this very moment she was eagerly wanting to see Nangong Yu, she didn't want to delay meeting him for another second.


Looking for someone to ask for directions, Hexi had barely made it to the courtyard’s gate, when she heard noises from outside.

The voice of the man was very familiar to Hexi as it belonged to Bai Hu, that freeloader who would come to her courtyard everyday for food and drink.

But that woman’s voice…at first Hexi thought it was unfamiliar, yet as she continued listening, she felt it was somewhat familiar.

Listening to them, she heard Bai Hu’s voice cold with disapproval, “Zhu Que, don’t cause trouble again. This is Master’s order, don’t tell me you won’t even obey Master’s orders?”

Zhu Que? Zhu Que! Hexi suddenly realised that no wonder she felt this woman’s voice was unfamiliar yet familiar, and that she thought it was faintly annoying. So as it turns out, it was that arrogant woman who claimed she came to present pills to Hexi by her Master’s order, yet who tried to kill her instead.

Saying all this, the person who saved her must really be Nangong Yu!

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