Chapter 136 - Promoted Space

Chapter 136 - Promoted Space

Dandan bit a finger, blinking it's big eyes as it looked at Hexi, “The five elements of spiritual power are metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, five types of spiritual power! Mother, you don’t even know about this?”

Hexi held her forehead, she shouldn’t have had hope for Dandan’s IQ. Moreover, this guy obviously didn't know anything, yet it had an expression on it's face that showed it thought she was stupid…fine! I'll just ignore you, we’ll see whether you'll be able to be good or not!

Hexi no longer paid any attention to this little imp, and turning her head, she began to examine the changes in her space.

That’s right, after only one night, Hexi had not only lifted the seal on her dantian, promoting to Foundation Establishment stage, but Dandan had hatched from it's egg, while her space had also experienced a big change.

Originally vast, the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field now expanded further away than the naked eye could see, and the spiritual herbs that grew in her space, had all matured in one night.

One must know, that in Mi Luo continent, spiritual herbs are graded by years. For example, the growth period for a first grade spiritual herb is 10 years, for a second grade spiritual herb it's 100 years, for a third grade spiritual herb it's 1000 years, for a fourth grade spiritual herb it's 5000 years, and for a fifth grade spiritual herb it's 10 000 years. It's very difficult to find spiritual herbs that are fifth grade and higher, and it's not so easy to distinguish how old they are.

Originally the Ancient Rhyme Spiritual Field could accelerate a plants growth period a hundredfold, but for first or second grade spiritual herbs to grow into third grade spiritual herbs, it still requires a long process. Yet now, in only one night, several stalks of third grade spiritual herbs had matured.

What made Hexi even more amazed, is that a portion of first grade spiritual plants in her space had unexpectedly advanced to second grade spiritual plants! In Mi Luo continent this kind of situation was unheard of!

Hexi quickly walked to the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring, noticing that from its outward appearance, nothing had changed in the spirit spring.

But, when she cupped her hands to try and drink a mouthful, she felt that compared to it's previous rich spiritual energy, it had now increased several times in such a short while, nourishing the five viscera and six bowels in her body. With such potent spiritual power infusing her meridians, not only did she not feel pain, instead, she was so comfortable she released a sigh.

It seems that even the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring has promoted!

Hexi was pleased and noticed Dandan imitating her by leaning on the side of spirit spring, it's small head stretching over to drink a mouthful of spring water.

Yet after drinking just two mouthfuls it suddenly raised it's body, flinging the water off it's head, and said with a deflated expression, “No taste, it's not tasty at all!”

Hexi was amused by Dandan’s small appearance despising the water. She then discovered, that since the spiritual plants in her space had matured, and that the spiritual energy is so rich, Dandan is no longer interested. Even the Ninth Secluded Spirit Spring is actually being despised by him.

“You're a little guy that doesn't know what’s good! Before, as long as it contained spiritual energy, wouldn't you happily eat it all? Now that you've grown up, you've actually learned to be picky about food.”

Dandan hugged Hexi’s arm, it's body hanging off her as it acted like a spoiled child and said, “Mother makes the best foods to eat, Dandan could eat it for a lifetime and will never dislike it. Mother, Dandan hungry, so hungry! I want to eat Mother’s tasty roast chicken, cake, and rabbit meat~~”

Black lines appeared on Hexi’s forehead. She felt that this little guy did nothing but eat when it was in the egg, and now that it's hatched it's become a picky eater! In the future, will it keep eating till she becomes a pauper?

Hexi didn't know, but ever since Dandan had been eating the spiritual foods that she made, it's appetite had begun to be wicked, as previously Dandan had no way to refuse it if it wanted to break out of it's shell. But after hatching, it has a human sense of taste and aesthetics, leading it to begin avoiding things with spiritual energy but no taste. Of course, if the spiritual energy is rich to a certain extent, Dandan will still ignore the taste and drool.

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