Chapter 135 - Soft And White Meat Ball

Chapter 135 - Soft And White Meat Ball

According to her thoughts, she was unexpectedly able to change the ball of spiritual power into five different colours, as well as combine them! However, don't common martial artists only have a single white colour to represent their spiritual power? Even double attribute spiritual roots display a milky white colour. Furthermore, the more spiritual roots a person has, and the more spiritual power they use, the white ball of light would appear dusky, like a muddy moon.

Suddenly, a young and tender child’s voice sounded in Hexi’s mind, “Silly Mother, this is because Mother’s cultivation is the five elements of spiritual power, so of course there are five different colours.”

Hexi was surprised at first, then she realised that this familiar child’s voice belonged to Dandan.

But, didn't Dandan say that when she was outside her space, they would be unable to communicate? Yet now she could clearly hear Dandan’s voice from inside her space, so didn't that mean that Dandan had also risen in rank?

Hexi’s heart pounded, and in a flash her consciousness entered her space.

Once she entered her space, Hexi felt that the spiritual energy was now more than ten times richer than it previously was as it assaulted her senses. Before she had a chance to look around at the changes in her space though, she suddenly felt something round run into her arms with a ‘thump’.

Hexi staggered back several steps, before she then steadied herself with difficulty, raising the small thing in her arms in front of her eyes.

This is a smooth, soft and white meat ball, ehh...or jelly to be more precise? Touching it feels really good; it was cool, soft, and it's colour resembled silky milk. Anyone who looked at it will crave to swallow it.

On top of the meatball is a small round head, and on it's small head it didn't have hair, but two slender antennae. At this moment that small head was slightly tilted, it's antennae gently swaying, while a pair of big, watery, jet black eyes occupied half of it's face, staring with a fixed gaze at Hexi.

Four short, small, and fat lotus root-like limbs incessantly moved, and a pitiful protest came out from it's mouth, “Mother, Mother! Dandan feels uncomfortable when you carry me like this! Mother, Dandan wants to be hugged!”

Those big black eyes blinked, brimming with childlike admiration and longing as they looked at Hexi, so although Hexi has a cold and emotionless heart, when being looked at by these adorable eyes, of course her heart would be moved.

She blinked and asked, “You're Dandan?”

“Mhm!” Dandan nodded. Suddenly it struggled to free itself from Hexi’s raised hands, and with one jump, it hung itself around Hexi’s neck, “Mother, I’m Dandan! Dandan missed you so much!”

Feeling it's soft and jelly-like texture touch her face and rub lightly, acting like a spoiled child who would throw a tantrum, Hexi simply didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She grabbed it from her neck, but this time adjusted the way she held it so it could be comfortable. Looking at it's plump body, she frowned, “How come you’re so fat?”

Letting you eat, eat, and eat every day, now look! Now you’ve turned into a rolling ball!

Dandan heard this and immediately started crying, “Dandan not fat! Dandan’s originally like this…Mother dislikes me, wahh…

“Alright alright! Dandan’s the cutest, Dandan’s the slimmest! Mother doesn't dislike you, will this do?”

Hexi appeased it for half a day, and only then did the overly sensitive, spoilt, spiritual pet feel good. She recalled it's words from just a moment ago, and asked, “What did you mean when you said the five elements of spiritual power?”

Five elements of spiritual power, wasn't it five spiritual roots? The five spiritual roots in a cultivation world were known as useless spiritual roots, and that was practically what her previously crippled dantian was. But it seemed that when referring to her spiritual power, it wasn't the same.

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