Chapter 131 - Spiritual Power Vortex

Chapter 131 - Spiritual Power Vortex

Wu Xin’s cold eyes flashed with a deep killing intent, and stepping forward in large strides, he wanted to rush into Nangong Yu’s bedroom.

However, Qing Long stepped forward to block him, “Master has commanded that without his order, no one is allowed to enter.”

Wu Xin’s sharp gaze landed on Qing Long as he coldly said, “Qing Long, do you think you can stop me? Moreover, don’t forget that our first priority is to ensure Master’s safety!”

He had barely finished speaking when his eyes flashed with a cold light, while a fierce amount of spiritual pressure was released from his body.

Qing Long dodged too late, the jolt from the spiritual pressure pushing him back several steps. His complexion became somewhat pale and unsightly.

Qing Long, Bai Hu, Zhu Que, and Xuan Wu, were each given a code name after one of the four divine beasts. To the public, they are known as Nangong Yu’s personal bodyguards.

Unknown to most though is that Nangong Yu had four other guards that he had secretly trained. They were given code names’ after the four ferocious beasts, Wu Xin, Wu Yu, Wu Nian, and Wu Gou. They were guards trained to offer their life for their Master, no matter the danger to themselves.

All eight people were experts in their respective fields, each a leader in charge of their own force. However, as teams, Qing Long is the leader of the four great divine beasts, with Wu Xin the leader of the four great ferocious beasts. Wu Xin’s team was slightly stronger than Qing Long’s team.

After Wu Xin pushed Qing Long aside, he focused his spiritual power in his palm, using it to open the iron gate leading into Nangong Yu’s courtyard.

The iron gate had just opened, when before anyone could enter the courtyard, they were abruptly blinded by a bright flash of white light.

Next, it was like a sudden gale started in the courtyard, causing the leaves on the ground to scatter in the air. These sudden storm clouds seemed like a foreshadowing of trouble ahead.

Wu Xin’s complexion changed, and rushing to stand in front of Nangong Yu’s bedroom door, he roughly pushed it open.

However, as soon as Wu Xin and the others entered the room, their expressions stiffened as they blankly stared at the curtain in front of them.

The curtain hung from the bed and fluttered in the cool breeze, along with the tassels and clothes surrounding it.

Behind the lightly fluttering curtain, alternately hidden from view and then visible, Nangong Yu and Hexi were tightly embracing each other. With their lips plastered together, it was difficult to distinguish their expressions.

The corner Wu Xin’s mouth twitched, along with everyone else's. Awkwardly shuffling their feet, they didn't know what do with their hands or where to look.

This is the first time that they had ever seen their cold hearted Master display such unbridled passion. He was always emotionless, yet now he is behaving like he is intoxicated.

However, before Wu Xin and the others could return to their senses, a vortex could suddenly be seen by the naked eye, slowly forming between the two people.

The vortex spun, first absorbing the spiritual power in the room, and gradually accelerating its speed as it slowly expanded. Once it shrouded Wu Xin and the others, it then spread outside the room.

As Wu Xin stood absent minded, he unexpectedly felt a great invisible force start to suction out the spiritual power from within his body.

“What’s going on here? How could this be?!!”

With shock written across everyone’s faces, they hurriedly set up protective barriers around their bodies, capable of resisting that suction.

Fortunately, after they set up the protective barriers around their bodies, the suction disappeared without a trace. No...more precisely, the suction bypassed them, following the vortex to spread out to surrounding areas.

Wu Xin gazed towards the delicate and slender girl on the bed, his eyes showing bewilderment.

Is this strange vortex created by this woman? Was this why Master insisted on risking his life to save her? In the end, just who is she??

“Slut, why with Master...get off him! Go die!” A shrill scream suddenly reached their ears.

Wu Xin and the others turned their heads, only to find Zhu Que looking insane as she rushed towards the two intimate people on the bed.

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