Chapter 125 - Unwilling

Chapter 125 - Unwilling

The leader’s forehead twitched as he looked at the flesh and blood that landed on his foot, thinking that there were a few pieces of shredded heart mixed in the gore.

The other remaining assassin’s eyes were full of alarm and resentment as he looked at Hexi.

They didn’t expect that although throughout the year they would be the ones attacking, suddenly, they were the ones being attacked. An insignificant ordinary person without a cultivation base had actually dared to mess with them, forcing the four expert Meridians stage martial artists into a tight corner. Not just Xiao Ba had lost his life, now Xiao Wu had died miserably too.

From this moment on, these two Drought Demon assassins’ expressions were grave. They no longer dared to regard Hexi as an ordinary and weak woman.

But from the bottom of Hexi’s heart a powerless and bitter laugh rose.

In fact, her poisons were very difficult to deal with, but a martial artist’s defence power is more difficult to deal with. Just recently with Xiao Wu, if she hadn't done the unexpected and risked her life by not avoiding the thunderbolt, then there would have been no way she could have caught him off guard and managed to insert the poisonous dagger into his dantian. If she had missed, the poison would've been unable to penetrate into his body, and his spiritual power would have naturally expelled it.

Therefore, that was her last chance to fight back, there wouldn't be a second chance.

Sure enough the next moment the leader’s figure abruptly disappeared, and when he reappeared, a long sword that emitted fire spiritual power was in his hand as he fiercely thrust it towards Hexi’s body.

Hexi felt a burning pain from her chest and abdomen as the long sword pierced her body, causing scarlet blood to pour to the ground.

Her body slowly became limp and she started to collapse, her eyes blurry. She could almost sense the vitality draining from her body bit by bit, while the grim reaper’s sickle edged closer.

Was she going to die? Just when she has started her new life, she is destined to quietly die in this wilderness?

Unwilling! Really...unwilling! She still hasn’t become stronger, her dantian still hasn’t awakened, still haven’t...repaid Nangong Yu for helping her, how can she die like this?!

The lead assassin had a thought, then the long sword that was stabbed into Hexi’s body suddenly flew out, returning to his hand.

The bloodstains on the long sword had evaporated due to the fire, however, Hexi’s body was now completely limp, and she toppled to her knees onto the pool of blood at her feet.

Until this moment, the two assassins hadn't been able to relax, and the assassin on the left released a sigh, “She was really just an ordinary person, so she didn't have any ability to resist Big Brother’s sword. Unfortunately, Xiao Wu and Xiao Ba fell to her tricks.”

The lead assassin that was called Big Brother walked forward, and towering above the dying Hexi, he looked at her with an arrogant expression, his eyes full of hatred. Then, with a stern voice he said, “I said before, that since you dared to kill my Younger Brother, that I would certainly tear your body to shreds, leaving you to die without a burial place. So slut, go die!”

Holding the long sword covered in flames up high, he suddenly brought it down, aiming towards Hexi.

The assassin on the left excitedly retreated two steps, shouting loudly, “Chop off her four limbs first, cut this swine apart! I would like to see what tricks she can play then!”

Seeing the long sword heading towards her, and knowing that she had no hope of survival this time, Hexi desperately closed her eyes and gently pinched the Throat Sealing Blood Poison in her hand.

Rather than meeting her demise by assassins, she would rather end her own life.

However, just when Hexi was about to swallow the poison, an overwhelming amount of spiritual pressure abruptly fell from the sky.

Hexi’s body that was almost touched by the long sword was now like a kite with it's string snapped. After swaying side to side, she then fell to the ground with a crash.

The assassins’ who just a moment ago were shouting in excitement, now felt the blood in their veins freeze. Due to the extreme fear of a strong martial artist their whole bodies’ shivered, and with a ‘pop’, they landed on the ground in kneeling positions.

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