Chapter 124 - Piercing The Heart

Chapter 124 - Piercing The Heart

So thinking about it, there is only one explanation…this girl’s body possessed a treasure! Moreover, it must be a rank five or higher magical tool!

The assassins looked at each other in dismay, greed evident in their expressions as they suddenly accelerated the speed of their Flying Swords to catch up to Hexi.

While Hexi was fleeing she touched her hair, and when she felt the remnants of a fine powder in her hand, her heart soared.

Just a moment ago, it wasn't any sort of treasure that had blocked the assassin’s attack, was the imprint that Nangong Yu left on her body.

It was only at a time when her life was at risk that the imprint would transform into a protective barrier, keeping her safe from harm.

Nangong Yu, seems like I already owe him too much.

Unfortunately though, it seems that today might be her funeral. She was afraid that perhaps she wouldn't have the opportunity to repay him in the future.

This thought had just flashed through Hexi’s mind, when before her eyes those assassins suddenly surrounded her.

The leader’s gaze was filled with fake kindness as he looked at her, yet he coldly said, “Nalan Hexi, if you hand over the treasure hidden on your body, I’ll make your death less painful, otherwise...based on the hatred we have for you after you killed Xiao Ba, we will certainly have you begging for death before we're through!”

Hexi slightly panted, her gaze cold as she studied the three people before her without the slightest trace of panic or fear, “Who ordered you to kill me?”

Standing on the left side of the leader, one of the assassin’s expressions abruptly twisted, and pulling out his long sword he shouted, “Smelly girl, still unwilling to shed tears without seeing a coffin! You even dare to adopt a high attitude with us when it's just you alone, do you think you're a match for us?”

Hexi’s figure suddenly flashed as she disappeared from where she was originally standing, and with lightning speed due to her internal power, she rushed towards the assassin on the left.

The assassin’s face slightly changed, and condensing a thunderbolt on his palm, he fiercely threw it towards Hexi’s chest.

A “crack” could be heard, and Hexi felt a sharp scorching pain, causing all four of her limbs to spasm.

But she didn’t retreat, instead, she continued forward. After being struck by the thunderbolt, her face showed a strange smile as she rushed towards him.

The assassin on the left suddenly uttered an exclamation, and slowly bowed his head.

Looking down, he saw a slender dagger accurately stabbed into his abdomen, blood steadily seeping from the wound.

Yet the frightening part is that when the blood made contact with the air, it suddenly turned a dark green colour that could cause a person's hair to stand on end.

“AH ah ahhhh---pain---itchy!”

The assassin dropped his long sword and frantically scratched his body as he rolled around on the ground wailing. In the blink of an eye, his face was now badly mangled and dripping blood.

“Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu! What happening to you?!!”

The assassin on the right wanted to rushed over and help him, but was stopped by the leader, “Lao San, look clearly. Xiao Wu is highly poisonous right now, you will only suffer too if you go over to him.”

Saying so, his ruthless gaze fiercely stabbed towards Hexi like a sharp sword, “Slut, what have you done to Xiao Wu?”

The side of Hexi’s body was badly mangled and bleeding from being struck by the thunderbolt, and due to the pain, her complexion was deathly pale.

Yet upon her mouth was an unscrupulous smile as she said, “I placed a poison named Tearing Heart Splitting Lung on the dagger I used. As soon as the poison enters the heart and arteries, the whole body will become unbearably painful and itchy, he only needs to shred his heart to stop the pain.”

As if confirming Hexi’s words, that assassin called Xiao Wu all of a sudden released a long mournful hiss, hysterically howling, “I can’t stand it anymore!!”

Following that, his body suddenly exploded, flesh and blood splattering everywhere.

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