Chapter 122 - Powerless Ant

Chapter 122 - Powerless Ant

Right, our home...although it has only been a short time period of little more than a month, she has regarded this courtyard as home, the people in this courtyard as her family.

She will not allow her family to meet with mishap. For any person who dares to touch those she cares about, she will definitely let them pay a painful price.

Xiao Li’s face gradually showed a firm look of dedication, and wiping her tears, she repeatedly nodded her head. Her expression of one making a promise.

Xi Jia, Xiao Li, and the others had just left, when several black clothed men using Flying Swords rapidly descended on the empty ground of the small courtyard.

They of course saw that weak old woman and child running to hide in Cang Mountain, so one person amongst them who was fiddling with a dagger in his hand sneeringly asked, “Do I need to rush over and get rid of those useless people?”

Another person replied with, “Our Boss’s order was that the patron only wanted Nalan Hexi’s life, we don’t have any business with the rest. Did he think our Drought Demon Organisation, full of gold medal assassins, was a vegetable market? That when we receive a mission we also include a service of giving a gift?”

The two other people burst into loud laughter, their gazes’ landing on one of the small houses in the courtyard. The person who was previously talking slightly raised an eyebrow as he said, “I really didn’t expect that the Third Miss, the legendary trash of Nalan Manor, would have such courage. Letting her servants leave first and staying behind to throw her life away…tsk tsk, so interesting!”

Another young voice couldn’t help but grumble, “I don’t know what our Boss was thinking. She’s only trash without a cultivation base, that’s all, she hasn't even reached the Qi Refining stage! Is it necessary to use all four of us together to dispose of her?”

“Alright, our Boss decided it like this, so naturally he has reason. As long as we obediently obey his orders then that will be enough. Xiao Ba, you go, efficiently bring the Young Miss’s severed head out here, we’ll wait for you.”

“If people knew that we, four grand Meridians stage martial artists, killed an ordinary person together, wouldn’t we be a laughing stock!” Xiao Ba, the youngest martial artist muttered as he obediently pushed the door open and walked to where Hexi’s room was located.

The three other assassins remained in the small courtyard, leisurely chatting. They were completely unworried about whether Xiao Ba would be able to kill that girl or not.

After all, one is a Meridians stage martial artist, while the other one is an ordinary person without a cultivation base. It was like a human and an ant, if stepped on, the ant would die, so how could be afraid of a powerless ant?

Xiao Ba flipped the dagger in his hand, and without even bothering to conceal his figure, he entered the plainly decorated woman’s bedroom with loud footsteps.

Yet the next moment, Xiao Ba suddenly sensed the coldness of a hidden weapon directly shoot towards him.

Not good---! Xiao Ba thought gloomily, and moving sideways, he dodged countless hidden weapons that swept over his cheek, but some still directly pierced his body.

As the hidden weapons reached his body, Xiao Ba discovered that that they were silver needles, as thin as a strand of hair. When these needles touched his body, he found that they contained an icy spiritual power that made him, this Meridians stage martial artist’s entire body grow cold.

However, Xiao Ba simply didn't care about these small lousy needles with weak icy spiritual power. With this attack though, it did arouse the bloodlust within his body.

“Little girl, if you had just obediently died, I could have made it fast and painless. But since you want to resist, then you can taste my eighteen cruel methods!”

Saying so, he gathered all his spiritual power, then rushed towards the girl hidden in the shadows.

But soon, Xiao Ba’s expression changed to one of alarm. He was shocked to find that his dantian was being sealed by something. So he was unable to move the spiritual power in his body.

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