Chapter 119 - Still Useless Trash

Chapter 119 - Still Useless Trash

Within her range of spiritual perception she could clearly sense several strong auras rapidly approaching her direction.

The aura’s surrounding these people were unfamiliar and hidden, indicating that whatever they wanted, it obviously wasn't anything good.

Hexi’s brows slightly wrinkled, and quickly concealing her aura, she leapt onto the roof of her own room to hide, yet still be able to monitor everything that occurred in her courtyard.

Almost at the same time, four tall men with their bodies wrapped in black clothes quietly broke into the small courtyard.

With Hexi currently lacking the slightest amount of spiritual power, she of course had no way to know what rank their cultivation bases were. But judging from the strong power pressure being emitted from their bodies, they weren't low level martial artists.

Amongst these four people, the man with the tallest stature waved his hand, sending the three other figures to quietly leap to every corner of the small courtyard. While the tallest masked man moved directly towards her bedroom.

Hexi’s heart shivered, and moving from her position, she rapidly entered the room from the rear window.

It seemed that this group of people were rushing here for her because looking at their actions and attitude, they were making an utmost effort to not alarm the people in this courtyard. Since they were sneaking around, their purpose wouldn't be to kill anyone, but some other hidden motive.

Since they only dared to secretly nose around, then she better beat them at their own game and see what they wanted!

Moreover, this group of people’s manner is suspicious. Their cultivation bases are much higher than her’s so if she was to collide with them, Hexi wasn't afraid for herself, but the people in this courtyard would most likely suffer.

Once deciding on a plan, Hexi quickly lay down on the bed and closed her eyes to pretend to sleep. In order to not reveal any flaws, her consciousness entered her space, and from her space she observed the situation outside.

After a moment, her bedroom door that was locked quietly opened, and a tall shadow quietly entered.

The light from the moon and stars lit up the doorway, illuminating the black clothed man’s body. Hexi was holding her breath in anticipation, yet once she saw this, she frowned.

Why did she feel that the black clothed man’s figure was somewhat familiar, as if she had seen it somewhere before?

The man dressed in black walked to the front of bed, and seeing Hexi deeply sleep, a touch of suspicion flashed in his eyes as he examined her.

He looked at the small shallow face for a long time, then suddenly he lifted his hand and placed it on Hexi’s chest.

Hexi startled in fright, thinking that he was going to kill her. Yet within the next moment, she felt a trace of icy cold spiritual power enter her body through the palm on her chest.

It searched along her four limbs and hundreds of bones towards her dantian, finally gathering in her brain.

Hexi suddenly opened her eyes wide in her space---Soul Searching Technique!

This black clothed man is actually using the Soul Searching Technique on her! This is a technique that only a high level cultivator was able to use against a low level cultivator. Not only would they be able to dig out a person’s memory, but if the person this technique was used against struggled and resisted, it would ultimately result in them becoming an idiot.

In the end, who is this person that was so ruthless they used the Soul Searching Technique on Nalan Hexi? What is his purpose?

Hexi rejoiced that fortunately her mind is hiding in her space, so even if this black clothed man searched through every memory in her brain, he would only be able to sense her sleeping and nothing else.

Sure enough, after the time it would take to burn half an incense stick, the black clothed man began to exude a ruthless and irritated aura.

There’s nothing! Unexpectedly there wasn't any useful information! As well as being unable to cultivate spiritual power in her dantian, this girl sleeping on the bed was clearly still useless trash.

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